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Marco Rubio Shrugs Off Trump’s Top-Secret File Grab As Easy ‘Storage’ Issue


Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio characterised former President Donald Trump taking top-secret documents from the White House when he left office as nothing greater than a “storage” issue.

FBI agents confiscated several boxes of fabric from Mar-a-Lago last month, including scores of classified files. Trump is now under investigation for possible violations of the Espionage Act.

Yet Rubio insisted in an interview with South Florida’s NBC6 on Sunday: “That is, really, at its core, a storage argument that they’re making … I don’t think a fight over storage of documents is worthy of what they’ve done, which is [a] full-scale raid after which these constant leaks.”

He also indicated that “behind all this” is just a negative public relations campaign.

Rubio said officials are “arguing there are documents there” at Mar-a-Lago, but they “don’t deny that he must have access to those documents.”

They do, actually, deny he has the appropriate to such access.

Under the Presidential Records Act, all White House documents, whether classified or not, belong to the general public and are required to be turned over to the National Archives when a president leaves office. Trump would have as much access as other Americans, who wouldn’t be allowed to take documents home.

Marco Rubio says Trump’s theft of classified documents is “only a storage issue,” and “I don’t think a fight over storage of documents is worthy of what they’ve done.” pic.twitter.com/pfdg9VlG3b

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) September 5, 2022

Vastly minimizing the files lifted by Trump to maintain at an unsecured resort open to a whole bunch of unscreened members and guests appears to be the most recent Republican talking point. Last week, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, claimed Trump’s stashing of top secret documents was likely nothing greater than a “paperwork” issue.

Critics weren’t buying Rubio’s claim.

Some cracked that a “storage” excuse might be utilized in a lot of crimes, like a dead body “stored” within the trunk of a automobile, or money stolen from a bank stored at a thief’s home.

Hey @marcorubio – what if #Trump had taken the Resolute desk from the Oval for his personal use? After all he couldn’t because the desk doesn’t belong to him – it belongs to the US Government. Same with the classified documents – they don’t belong to him. Understand now?

— Kevin J. Clark (@KJClark5) September 5, 2022

Donald Trump could stand in the midst of Fifth Avenue and hand an inventory of American spies to Vladimir Putin and Marco Rubio would call it a ‘filing error.’ November’s coming, vote these spineless toady fucks out of office

— Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) September 5, 2022

dead body in someone’s automobile trunk = a storage issue

— Dark Rudy (@BoldRudy) September 5, 2022

It’s a storage issue the identical way J6 was a picnic for tourists

— Kkramer Biden-Harris 🇺🇸💯 (@cogasdvt) September 5, 2022

On Monday, a judge approved a request from Trump’s legal team to have a “special master” undergo the documents seized by the FBI — a move that can likely slow the Justice Department’s investigation into those records.

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