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‘Me Time’ Review: In Search of Lost Dad Jokes


The hero of the uneasy comedy “Me Time” begins the movie in a flashback, in free-fall. Sonny (Kevin Hart) has just tried to bail on a day of wingsuit gliding along with his longtime friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg), but a burst of propelled air has sent him plummeting down the side of the cliff face. Huck dives after, guiding his friend away from certain death. Sonny is saved, however the movie never shakes off this initial sense of panic.

In the current, Sonny is a stay at home dad, whose wife Maya (Regina Hall) is a outstanding architect. Sonny fears that he doesn’t measure as much as his achieved spouse, and so he brings an overachiever’s anxiety to parenting. With tension at home, Maya offers to take the children away for a vacation, so Sonny can take a break from superdad duties.

Sonny uses his solo time to affix in his old friend Huck’s birthday celebrations, and he finds himself drawn into Huck’s daredevil ways. Together, they bask in a boys’ night binge of bad behavior. They break into the home of Maya’s most solicitous client, engage in a bacchanal at Sonny’s home and, most damningly, Sonny lends Huck a few of his family’s money.

“Me Time” is written and directed by John Hamburg, and his movie attempts to incorporate domestic conversations that talk to the lives of men who keep house. But this boys’ night out is light on the wisecracks, pratfalls and gags which may produce laughs. There may be a flatness that feels apparent in every shot — and never simply because the movie is filmed in vibrant, low contrast lighting. The film’s experienced forged punches their lines seeking jokes that never materialize, leaving the comedy to nosedive.

Me Time
Rated R for language, drug references, sexual references and temporary nudity. Running time: 1 hour 41 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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