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Meta is planning 4 recent VR headsets for Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘iPhone moment’


Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram, and Oculus, is reportedly planning to launch 4 recent virtual reality (VR) headsets by 2024.

The primary is the Project Cambria headset, a more powerful device than its current Quest device, which is able to launch in September. A new edition of it would then are available 2024.

The primary version of the headset will reportedly cost above $799, based on a Meta spokesperson quoted by The Information. Features include high-resolution image quality for typing emails or code inside a virtual reality environment.

The headsets will run Meta’s Android OS and be as possible as a low-end laptop, however the important point of the headset could be that it’s capable of do full-colour passthrough that may allow it to perform mixed reality experiences.

The 2 other headsets will are available 2023 and 2024, but details about these will not be yet clear.

In addition to the virtual reality headsets, Meta can also be set to release Nazare AR glasses in 2024 alongside a less expensive pair called Hypernova.

This will likely be paired with a wrist band that reads the stimulus sent from the brain to the hand with a purpose to control the user interface through thoughts, based on technology Meta bought from a startup called CTRL-Labs.

Nazare will reportedly work while not having to be connected to a smartphone, while Hypernova will pair with a smartphone for messages and notifications. Latest AR glasses could then are available 2026 with a 3rd pair in 2028.

The primary pair of glasses are expected to come back with 3D graphics and a big field of view but could possibly be heavy – weighing as much as 100 grams.

Meta didn’t reply to a request for comment from The Independent before time of publication.

Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has been clear about his ambitions for augmented reality and smart glasses, reportedly calling them a “holy grail” device that may “redefine our relationship with technology”.

One former worker told The Verge that “Zuck’s ego is intertwined with [the glasses]” and that he “wants it to be an iPhone moment.”

The corporate, and Mr Zuckerberg, hopes that augmented reality devices will release it from the influence of Apple and Google – but doesn’t foresee high sales. Reportedly, sales are expected within the low tens of hundreds.

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