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MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan Warns Biden: Expand ‘Radical’ Supreme Court To Save America


MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan says expanding the Supreme Court from its current nine justices isn’t as “radical” as critics of the thought make it seem.

And he warned President Joe Biden and the Democrats who control the House and Senate that taking motion to expand the court now may very well be critical to saving American democracy.

“The reality is, adjusting the variety of justices on the bench is just not as polarizing or radical as some cautious and defensive Dems would have you think,” he said on Sunday night.

Hasan said the court hasn’t all the time had nine justices, and noted that Republicans kept the court to simply eight for a complete 12 months back in 2016.

“Radical is just not changing the scale of the court,” he said, adding:

“Radical is what this current court has been doing over the course of its most up-to-date term. The far-right Roberts court has rolled back abortion rights, dealt a deadly blow to the separation of church and state, stripped the states’ ability to find out their very own gun control policies, curbed the federal government’s ability to tackle climate change and, well, govern, and allowed multiple GOP-led states to go ahead with functionally racist voting maps.”

Biden, he noted, isn’t inclined to contemplate expanding the court, reportedly concerned it will be politically polarizing.

“You’re frightened about being polarizing, Mr. President?” he asked. “Unelected justices ― five of whom were appointed by presidents who initially lost the favored vote ― are gutting our basic rights. That’s what’s polarizing.”

He warned considered one of the court’s next moves, in a case related to election law, may very well be much more devastating.

“To be clear, the conservative justices on the very best bench within the land, having overturned Roe v. Wade, are actually only months away from helping to overturn American democracy as we understand it,” he said.

See his full monologue below:

.@MehdiRHasan calls out the Biden administration for not supporting expanding the Supreme Court.

“Adjusting the variety of justices is not polarizing… what’s radical is what this current court has been doing this complete term.” pic.twitter.com/wXwzt61lPD

— The Mehdi Hasan Show (@MehdiHasanShow) July 4, 2022

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