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NBA 2K22 ‘Player of the Game’ has began trolling bad players


Josh Tyler. Last updated: Jul 26, 2022

An NBA 2K22 player showed off a ‘Player of the Game’ award that highlighted an underperforming teammate.

NBA 2K22 players are accustomed to issues resembling glitchy or unrealistic animations, which might take away from the realism of the sport.

With a recent installment coming out soon, 2K players are hoping that lots of these gameplay issues can be resolved in the following game.

But, players are still stuck with the present version of the NBA 2K franchise and there are still quite a number of issues they have to take care of.

The newest oddity isn’t a lot a bug, but a weird alternative made by the sport.

NBA 2K23 ‘Player of the Game’ did almost nothing

Reddit user Russel_Westbrookin shared a clip from the tip of one among their games, a decent contest between the Mavericks and Nuggets. As a part of the NBA 2K broadcast, the sport displayed the ‘Player of the Game’ award.

Normally, this award goes to a player who has scored a ton of points or made an impact on the defense.

On this, nonetheless, the player of the sport NBA 2K23 selected was none apart from Jamal Murray.

Although Murray wouldn’t appear to be a nasty alternative for ‘Player of the Game’, there was one problem: Murray hadn’t scored a single point in the sport.

Despite the fact that this isn’t a game-breaking bug or frustrating animation, 2K players within the comments identified this as one other instance of the sport being unrealistic.

And this isn’t an isolated incident either, as BoltBlue19 commented “I assumed I used to be the just one at first. Sometimes the player of the sport award goes to someone who barely contributed.”

Hopefully, issues like this can be worked out when NBA 2K23 drops.

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