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NBA Fan Jokes On What The Backboard Glass Would Look Like After Russell Westbrook And Patrick Beverley Practice Their Shooting


The Los Angeles Lakers have had a really busy offseason because the team looks to rebound from a rough 2021-22 campaign. A few of the main criticisms of the team last season were that it was a really old roster and that their defense left lots to be desired, two issues that the team has addressed to this point.

They’ve brought in players who’re under the age of 30 with the one exception being Patrick Beverley and while Bev is in his mid-30s, he remains to be one in every of the higher defenders around. He’ll help the Lakers tremendously on that end of the ground as their recent defensive leader and can set the tone for the remainder to follow.

NBA Fan Joked About Russell Westbrook And Patrick Beverley’s Shooting

The Lakers shall be hoping that Beverley does a lot better than the outstanding guard they traded for last season, which was, after all, Russell Westbrook. Russ had a terrible first season in LA and the Lakers have been attempting to ship him off all offseason, but they have not found any deal that they like. It implies that Bev and Russ have formed one in every of the more unlikely duos in recent memory considering all their past beef and an NBA fan poked some fun at their shooting.

“😂😂 savage”

“LA down bad 😂😂😂”

“Add Bron for his FTs😂”

“Russ & Patt: “Good work man…possibly next time we’ll break it”💀”

“Lebron gonna retire mid season”

“Plenty of orange paint chipping😂”

“Russ slander is outta control”


“Even with Westbrook alone”

“Bev can actually shoot tho. Y’all shady”

“Add brons Ft, AD shooting 9% as well”

“More like Lebrick”

“Y’all are assuming they’d even hit the backboard”

“Man…yall higher quit playing 😂😂😂”

“Might as chuck Bron up there cuz bev a greater shooter than bron😂”

“Since when is pat a foul shooter too lmao y’all just hating”


“likely 😂”

“🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾here we go”

Beverley is a very good shooter for his profession, having shot 37.9% from 3 over his 10 seasons but he had his worst season from beyond the arc in 2021-22, as he shot just 34.3%. The Lakers will hope that it was just an aberration, as they need some shooters on the court when LeBron James is running the show.

As for Westbrook, the Lakers appear to have adopted a “wait and see” approach in regard to trading him. The report also indicated that the San Antonio Spurs are one in every of the few teams who could be open to a trade for the previous MVP, one other sign of just how far he has fallen.

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