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NBA Fans Are In Awe Of LeBron James, Serena Williams, And Tom Brady: “Ageless GOATs.”


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In every competitive sport, there’s a pantheon of elite players who’re viewed as legends of the game. There are a whole lot of good players in each sport: but there are only a few who truly elevate themselves into the conversation of being an all-time legend.

The longevity a player has is commonly considered when evaluating them against other greats. The time a player dominates at the best level is vital when it comes to rankings, as sustained success is oftentimes more precious than having an elite peak that only lasts one or two years.

NBA Fans Know That LeBron James, Serena Williams, And Tom Brady Are Legends

Three players which have often been talked about when it comes to having elite longevity of their sports are Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, tennis legend Serena Williams, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. They’ve all been elite players for a very long time, and all three are still playing at a high level.

Recently, NBA Fans reacted to a Tweet featuring those three athletes, with many offering praise to them for his or her longevity. It is evident that nearly all of the sports world knows that they’re legendary players, even when each of them has their very own set of haters.

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By way of the NBA, LeBron James is considered one of the best SF that the league has ever seen. He has an all-around offensive game and is most notably known for his elite playmaking and rim ending ability. In his prime, LeBron James was consistently considered an elite defender as well. 

Attributable to LeBron James’ consistent dominance at the best level, a whole lot of younger fans consider that LeBron James is the GOAT of basketball. There is nearly nothing he cannot do on the court, and he has been doing it for his entire profession. Ten Finals appearances and 4 championships are testaments to how great LeBron James has been. 

Though a whole lot of people consider Michael Jordan is the GOAT of basketball, LeBron James is an awesome player in his own right. He’s most actually the GOAT of this generation of basketball players, and there isn’t a doubt that James can be a cultural icon. Though he has a whole lot of haters many fans appreciate what LeBron James does on the basketball court.

Serena Williams will retire from tennis after the 2022 US Open, but it surely stays to be seen how for much longer LeBron James and Tom Brady can be playing. Though those 3 players have had very long and completed careers, they will not be around endlessly, and we must always enjoy every contest they partake in.


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