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NBA Fans Play ‘Which Lineup You Taking’ Between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, And Others: “Who’s Stopping Curry, MJ, And KD? Not To Mention Shaq.”


Stephen Curry further elevated his status among the many all-time greats of this game by winning his 4th championship and 1st Finals MVP in 2022. He was simply sensational on the largest stage of the game and has been soaking within the praise all offseason. Shaquille O’Neal once more hyped him up recently, as he called Curry one of the best player on the planet at once.

His exploits this past season have actually led to many claiming that Curry is now an all-time top 10 player, and the Warriors guard is definitely within the conversation at this point. With lots of debate this offseason around this topic of the best players ever, Hoop Central posed the query on Twitter of which lineup you’ll take from a gaggle of a few of one of the best players this game has ever seen.

NBA Twitter was quite divided on the subject as cases were made for each teams.

“Who’s stopping curry, mj, and KD? Not to say shaq”

“The second. It has 3 players higher of their counterpart positions (Magic, LeBron and Hakeem).”

“Curry, Jordan, and KD together is crazy. Plus Shaq hogging the glass that is a straightforward answer. Oh that Tim Duncan guy is pretty good too.”

“the underside is so easily higher”

“Kobe and Shaq 3peated. MJ is a greater version of Kobe. Steph and KD won 2 out of three together and went 73-9. Duncan has done nothing but win. MJ 3 peated twice. Why is that this even a matter?”

“Bottom lineup: Everyone just keeps sleeping on Hakeem.”

“Rattling great matchups but Steph, Jordan, KD, Timmy and Shaq!? Come on now. I’ll put the mortgage on that”

“Bottom. Bron is unquestionably over curry, Kobe and MJ are the identical, dream over Shaq, Dirk and Tim are the identical and Magic over KD. Bottom all day”

“Lol duncan and shaq within the paint plus MJ DURANT CURRY sheeesh easy top”

“The underside team has higher floor spacing overall in comparison with the highest team. So Imma go together with the underside team”

“Tough alternative but top team has an excessive amount of fire power and offensive threats”

“Feel like Steph Mj and Shaq is just too much to handle but my heart tellin me trust Kobe & Bron”

“Top easily the pick and rolls could be filthy”

“Hakeem X Kobe = Unstoppable. Game over”

“Top team. Higher spacing and more playmaking off ball.”

“Curious how Shaq and Duncan would space the ground? Undecided if it matters an excessive amount of but I feel top has most talent, bottom matches higher”

“Curry, MJ, KD Tim, Shaq all day long. Ain’t a defense to ever exist stopping that”

“Bottom is so balanced and well rounded I’d go together with them of course”

“Top. Curry and Durant space the ground and no answer for Shaq”

“Shaq and Curry already unstoppable. Best perimeter and best post threat in history of basketball”

It definitely is an intriguing battle of matchups and it could go either way really, as you would possibly expect when one of the best players are pitted against one another. Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Shaq, and Curry might just find yourself being an excessive amount of to beat, nevertheless, as you’re looking at a few of one of the best scorers in the sport and a mix of those 4 can just hurt you in so many alternative ways.

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