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NBA Jersey Day: This fan has an unbelievable jersey collection


NBA superfan, Brad Parker, and his substantial jersey collection.

If NBA superfan, Brad Parker, were to put out every NBA jersey in his collection — it might fill every square inch of his Latest York bedroom — potentially even his entire apartment.

“I’m very lucky that my parents live only 40 minutes away on Long Island. I actually have over 200 jerseys there. It’s unimaginable to maintain all of them here,” Parker said. “Open my closet — it’s literally jerseys on jerseys. I wouldn’t have it some other way.”

Parker’s collection is nearing 300, and includes every iconic, obscure and classic jersey you would want — from a Michael Jordan #45 Bulls jersey to a Kobe Bryant Minneapolis Lakers jersey, and even a ‘Big Country’ Bryant Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies jersey. 

“I might wear an NBA jersey every single day if I could. The day I get married, I might like to wear one in all my favorite ones under my tuxedo,” Parker said. 

December 14th is NBA Jersey Day, an annual celebration where fans all over the world will pay tribute to their favorite teams, players and threads by wearing jerseys from across the wealthy history of the association.

How higher to rejoice this yr’s Jersey Day with a fan who boasts one of the crucial intriguing jersey collections you’ve ever seen?

For Parker, a love of jerseys began with a love for the NBA. He began constructing his collection while he was in elementary school within the Nineties.

Brad Parker wears the primary jersey he ever received, a Kobe Bryant No.8.

“I can’t blame anyone besides my father. He put a ball in my hand and had me watch Michael Jordan VHS tapes,” Parker said. “Basketball isn’t only a sport for me — it’s a lifestyle. I eat, sleep and breathe the NBA.”

The primary jersey Parker ever received was on his sixth birthday — a Kobe Bryant Lakers jersey. He still has it today.

“I can’t even get it over one in all my legs now, nevertheless it’s on my ceiling.”

Once Parker got his first jersey, his collection grew exponentially, along along with his dreams of playing skilled basketball. After the Kobe jersey got here a Michael Jordan Bulls jersey, then a Larry Bird Celtics jersey and a Grant Hill teal Pistons jersey. 

Parker loved how he felt like he became the player once he put their jersey on.

“I’d exit within the driveway in my Vince Carter jersey and lower the ring to check out his dunks. Obviously, I couldn’t do them, let alone palm a ball, but there was something about putting on a player’s jersey and attempting to emulate their moves after watching them play, and that’s once I really fell in love with collecting jerseys,” Parker said.

Highlights Of Brad Parker’s Jersey Collection:

Most Iconic: Michael Jordan #45 Bulls Jersey

Most Obscure:  Dennis Rodman Spurs Jersey

Favorite Jersey: Bryant Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies Jersey & Kevin Garnett Timberwolves Jersey

Rarest: Michael Olowokandi Clippers Jersey

He quickly became often called the child who wore a jersey to elementary school every single day. 

“I used to wear an identical headband with a special jersey every single day, and it became a thing. My classmates would ask ‘what jersey is Brad going to wear today?’ It became a conversation piece, but in addition a approach to express myself. The women made fun of me though of course.”

As a child, his fondest memories were going to the NBA Store annually along with his aunt who lived in Latest York City.

“She would say ‘guys, you might have 20 minutes to select your favorite jersey and I’ll buy it for you,’ and we might run around that store like a chicken with its head cut off. It was my favorite day of the yr.”

Once he reached highschool and college and made his own money, Parker turned to eBay and thrift shopping so as to add to his collection. This helped him find jerseys that were rare and obscure so as to add to his collection as a substitute of the classics. He’d check eBay as early as 3 a.m. and put bids into any unique jerseys he could find, and dig through piles of donated clothing at thrift stores to seek out jerseys that got away.

“One man’s trash is one other man’s treasure,” Parker laughed. “I turned my living arrangements right into a mini ‘Basketball Hall Of Fame’ with all of the jerseys in my collection. It’s like artwork to me putting all these jerseys together on my partitions.”

Parker didn’t find yourself fulfilling his dreams of playing skilled basketball, but he does work as a content creator at The Rating, a sports media company. 

His unique jersey collection and persona has helped him even go viral a couple of times — including a time he surprised his mom by decorating his whole house in jerseys, and one other time when Dwyane Wade played basketball with him while he wore a rare Steve Novak jersey. Novak was Wade’s teammate at Marquette University.


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♬ original sound – Brad Parker

In any case of those years, when Parker gets a latest jersey for his collection, the sensation remains to be just as strong — he refers to it as an ‘out-of-body’ experience. His unique jerseys have also helped him meet loads of NBA fans over time since they’re at all times a conversation starter. 

Parker particularly loves NBA Jersey Day, since it allows fans to feel like they’re connected to the league.

“It’s a day dedicated to the fans, where fans can throw on a jersey and feel like they’re Damian Lillard or LeBron James on the court. It’s really special.”

Parker’s collection isn’t complete — and sure never will probably be. His next targets are a Dennis Rodman Lakers jersey, a Rasheed Wallace Hawks jersey and a Gheorghe Muresan Washington Bullets jersey. 

“Jerseys are truly a passion of mine. People have passion for a whole lot of things in life, but not too many individuals have an insane amount of jerseys. “I’m happy with my collection.” 

Brad Parker’s All-Time Jersey List:

Most Iconic Jersey: Toronto Raptors Dino Jersey (1995-99)

Best All-Star Jersey: San Antonio All-Star Jersey (1996)

Current Favorite Team Jersey: Memphis Grizzlies Jersey

Favorite Old-School Jersey: Denver Nuggets Rainbow Skyline Jersey (1985-93)

Favorite 2022-23 City Edition Jersey: San Antonio Spurs

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