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NFL Fastest Touchdown Record: What’s the fastest touchdown in NFL history from the beginning of the sport?


Speed records are one of the talked about and appreciated kinds of statistic in almost any sport. Football fans the world over all the time marvel when a goal is scored mere seconds after the sport kicks-off.

Similarly in American football, getting a touch down as soon because the match begins is a rare and deeply exciting eventuality.

What’s the fastest touchdown in NFL history?

The fastest touchdown in NFL history dates all the way in which back to 2003 and it is incredibly hard to picture it ever being beaten in the fashionable game, considering it took just three seconds.

In a crucial Week 6 game in 2003 between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, two sides which are huge rivals, then Eagles‘ head coach Andy Reid tried to catch the Cowboys off guard by calling an onside kick on the opening kickoff in Dallas. However the plan backfired miserably.

Kicker David Akers kicked the onside kick, but as a substitute of a recovery, Cowboys receiver Randal Williams caught the ball in mid-air and brought it back for a touchdown.

How was the NFL’s fastest touchdown scored?

The play took only 3 seconds off the sport clock making it the fastest touchdown in NFL history. A record that continues to be standing today.

After the sport, Cowboys running back Troy Hambrick said they were prepared for the onside kick. Former ESPN reporter Len Pasquarelli noted the Cowboys‘ special teams coach told the return team to look at out for an onside kick.

“Just because the Cowboys broke the huddle, special teams coach Bruce DeHaven cautioned Williams in regards to the potential for an onside kick, and warned him about peeling back too soon to dam for a return,” he said.

“So when David Akers knuckle-balled the opening kickoff to his left, Williams stepped barely forward as a substitute of in reverse, and won a jump-ball with Eagles special team players Roderick Hood and Correll Buckhalter.”

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