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NFL injury mailbag Week 6: Checking in on Keenan Allen, Tee Higgins and more


On this mailbag: Virginia Zakas shares her thoughts on Keenan Allen’s hamstring, Tee Higgins’ ankle and more!

Inside Injuries was founded by an orthopedic radiologist, Dr. Anand Lalaji (aka Dr. A), who contributes to all the injury writeups. Dr. A put together a team of doctors and data scientists to create an algorithm to guage the impact that injuries have on a player. This algorithm powers all of Inside Injuries’ evaluation and determines each player’s Injury Risk, Health Performance Factor (the extent a player is anticipated to perform at in the event that they return too soon, for instance) and Optimal Recovery Time. This information is predicated on years of medical experience and historical injury research and has proven to be incredibly accurate in determining how injuries will impact a player’s performance and risk of future injuries.

A fast description of terms from our injury algorithm: 

IRC = Injury Risk Category (Low, Elevated, High) — the general likelihood a player will get injured

HPF = Health Performance Factor (Peak, Above Average, Below Average, Poor) — our metric to predict player performance

ORT = Optimal Recovery Time — the period of time a player needs to totally get well from an injury (not similar to how much time they are going to actually miss)

Any news on the injuries to Elijah Mitchell and Jonathan Taylor, and what their workload coming off of them will probably be? — Dustin S.

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