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NFL Record: What’s the record for the longest game in NFL history?


Even if the actual start-to-finish time in real life might be different for every NFL game, the clock is imagined to only run for 60 minutes.

Depending on the variety of time outs, the speeds of the offences or how often the ball is run quite than passed, the time it takes to exhaust the 60 minutes of the sport clock will vary, but most contests are over once the clock hits double zeros.

Unless, after all, the 2 teams are tied. Then, that brings about additional time and even double additional time if obligatory.

Subsequently, there have been some NFL games with the sport clock running well over 60 minutes and here comes a have a look at the longest ever.

The NFL’s longest ever game: Dolphins vs Chiefs in 1971

The longest the clock has ever been running in an NFL game was the clash between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs within the 1971 AFC Divisional round, going down on Christmas Day of 1971.

On that occasion, the 2 sides needed to go to double additional time and so they recorded the longest ever NFL game time of 82 minutes and 40 seconds.

A back-and-forth second half meant that the sport finished 24-24, requiring additional time to find out a winner.

The primary quarter-hour of additional time produced no more points, and it took until around halfway through the second additional time period for the breakthrough to return.

Garo Yepremian then stepped up and kicked a 37-yard field goal to provide the Dolphins the 27-24 victory.

“On the sideline, I used to be dying for the possibility to take the kick and, after I kicked the ball, I looked up on the sky and thanked God for giving me the possibility to kick it.”

That memorable game smashed the previous record, which had been the 77 minutes and 54 seconds of a Texans vs Oilers game in 1962.

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