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NFL Style Rankings: TV show and movie references make their method to stadiums


NFL players apparently have decided to bring their favorite TV shows and flicks to life ahead of the weekend’s slate of games. Some did so in the way you’d expect — wearing a jersey or shirt alluding to the entertainment they watch. But others brought the concepts to life in 3D.

That wasn’t everyone’s speed, nevertheless. There have been fashion statements made with shiny colours. Others decided to make use of more muted tones but otherwise-eccentric concepts to get their fit. One player even selected to have art on his outfit.

With so many good options, probably the most creative player took home the highest spot this week.

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Fresh Timberlands and a crisp white T-shirt paired with a varsity jacket and barely distressed jeans? After which the Detroit Lions linebacker added a pair of shades to finish this fantastically easy but very well-put-together outfit.

I’ll admit, it is a staple for me throughout the fall and winter, so I’m entirely biased. But what? Style doesn’t at all times need to be excessive to hit it out of the park, and Pittman shows that here.

Cartier glasses he won’t even peek at you 👀@JoeyB | #RuleTheJungle pic.twitter.com/hYvH0MQGBg

— Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) December 4, 2022

Cartier glasses, I won’t even peek at you. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback broke out the red-tinted bluffs to match his burgundy suit masterfully.

He allowed his sunglasses and suits to take center stage while wearing a straightforward white T-shirt and white Stan Smiths with a red accent on the back. So as to add, Burrow ran back the AFC Championship game result by beating the Kansas City Chiefs at home.

🤠@ljw21 | #RuleTheJungle pic.twitter.com/dcxz8iSOsa

— Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) December 4, 2022

The yeehaw agenda continues to thrive whilst the temperature gets colder and colder — and it gets more stylish if I do say so myself. Whether or not it was a concerted effort, I do appreciate how the hat of the Bengals linebacker and the tan in his jacket match.

Beyond that, I also adore how cozy the highest is, and that the design on it gives you a bit of extra flare without trying.

I needed to turn down the brightness on the phone after I saw the Cleveland Browns safety on this hot-pink button-down and along with his lime-green duffle bag. I mean, sheesh! Delpit would haven’t any problem in any respect standing out in a crowd with this stuff, and I like that.

Wearing black velvet pants to match the black traces in his pink shirt was a solid decision. Overall, this looks like an incredibly comfortable game day outfit.

Flying V needs some work, though. We’ll get there. pic.twitter.com/280rNhuMSo

— Recent York Jets (@nyjets) December 4, 2022

This picture could be so incredibly tough if James Robinson (within the black hoodie) also had a jersey. That said, this continues to be squad goals.

Have a look at how — left to right — quarterback Mike White, tight end C.J. Uzomah, receiver Braxton Berrios and offensive linemen Connor McGovern and Dan Feeney strolled into Minneapolis. Two flanking Berrios’ right side in jerseys from “D2: The Mighty Geese,” two on his left side in jerseys from the unique “The Mighty Geese,” and Berrios sporting the Hawks Bombay jersey. I like seeing men get in formation with their teammates and knock it out of the park.

5. Travis Etienne

While I do think the Jacksonville Jaguars running back could have the jacket taken in ever so barely, I’m a fan of this outfit. The jacket catches one’s eye in a sea of black garments and boots. But that’s perfect since the buttons are black, so there’s no reason to rock the boat.

Move one’s eyes to the neckline, and there’s the subsequent eye-catching piece — a healthy-sized silver chain to provide the fit an extra layer of intrigue.

Good day for a game innit pic.twitter.com/3mMZIxZjdz

— Washington Commanders (@Commanders) December 4, 2022

Tell me you’re a fan of “Peaky Blinders” without telling me you’re a fan of “Peaky Blinders.” As soon as I saw this outfit by the Washington Commanders signal caller, this was the very first thing that got here to mind.

For those of you who’re fans of the Netflix show, I’d use the trademark expression for emphasis, but that won’t fly around these parts. I’ll just say that Heinicke looks extremely dapper.

Sheeeesh 😮‍💨 pic.twitter.com/WBHbMyx6mz

— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) December 4, 2022

Well, that is a technique for somebody to make their return from a separated shoulder injury. The Chicago Bears quarterback leaned into the adage that individuals are going to speak, so one might as well give them something to discuss.

I just like the adventurousness here. In my head, this appears like something I’d see within the early 2000s — washed denim jacket and pants to match — and specifically, I feel members of *NSYNC wore something similar.

When people discuss art and fashion coming together, that is a stunning example. I just need to know where the Atlanta Falcons defensive back got this from, because I’m an enormous fan.

How anyone can take a look at this and never be captivated is beyond me. There’s just a lot happening in the main points of this top. But it surely’s not too excessive, which places it right in that fashion sweet spot.

I hope the Philadelphia Eagles center — and only the Eagles center — is having a beautiful day today. This rendition of Doug Whitmore, the fictional character from “50 First Dates,” is outstanding. Once I saw it, at first, I couldn’t consider he nailed all the fit.

You wish to discuss commitment to the duty? This one made me smile and chuckle. Flawless execution of the concept.

(Photo of Jason Kelce: Mitchell Leff / Getty Images)

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