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Regardless of what NFL discovers, Dan Snyder is not going to be asked to go away the ownership fraternity. Why? Discovery.


One word explains why irked NFL owners is not going to make a Don Corleone type move to eliminate Washington Commanders’ owner Daniel Snyder from their NFL fraternity. That word is “discovery.”

For months there was growing speculation that Snyder’s 31 fellow owners might go to the mattresses on him due to constant drumbeat that his organization is run by the professional football equivalent of Fredo Corleone (“I’m smart! And I need respect!”), the dim-witted son of the Don within the Godfather movies who unwisely tried to establish successful on his own brother and lived to die for it.

In a way, if all of the flying rumors and accusations are true, Snyder can have tried the financial version of that by allegedly shortchanging his partners on what was imagined to be shared revenue. Jason Friedman, the Commanders’ former executive vice-president of sales, recently accused Snyder of keeping two sets of books, one accounting for sales shared with visiting NFL teams and the opposite noting the actual income. Suffice it to say the latter number was allegedly larger than the previous.

In each the NFL and the Mafia the one thing worse than dishonestly withholding shared revenue together with your partners is ratting one in all them out. With the House Oversight and Reform Committee, the Federal Trade Commission and never one but TWO independent investigations into Snyder’s organization ordered by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell respiratory down Snyder’s neck it’s logical to invest his partners could also be running out of patience with him. When that happened with Don Corleone’s partners anyone got whacked. The identical, some have suggested, might soon occur to Snyder.

It has been speculated that the explanation the NFL’s initial independent investigator, attorney Beth Wilkerson, was not allowed to jot down a report on her 10-month probe of accusations of workplace misconduct and a toxic work environment in Washington was for fear she would recommend the league use its powers to force Snyder to sell. A paper trail in such a case wouldn’t be what the NFL was on the lookout for.



The second investigation, into alleged financial impropriates and irregularities, will not be being run by Wilkerson. She was replaced by Mary Jo White, a former Federal prosecutor and head of the Securities and Exchange Commission., for reasons known only to the NFL. White has yet to release any findings from her investigation but she does have a 105-page letter sent from the House Committee to the Federal Trade Commission outlining the allegations against Snyder.

Judging by its long history of missteps in relation to policing sexual misconduct within the workplace (and out for that matter) it should come as no surprise that the NFL “investigated” Snyder’s organization and after not writing a final report fined him $10 million (which is the equivalent of you being fined $100) and compelled him to temporarily turn over every day control of the team to… taaa daaa … his wife.

That his fellow owners merely shrugged their shoulders about those form of charges should come as no surprise. But shorting them on their money? For the billionaires who own NFL franchises, there isn’t a greater sin.

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USA Today reported that Snyder’s 31 offended and embarrassed partners have begun counting votes to see in the event that they have the obligatory 24 to expel him for his alleged actions, effectively forcing him to sell. While which may be true it ain’t going to occur because if they struggle that the all the time churlish Snyder will sue them, which brings back to discovery.

Discovery, by one definition, is the essence of checking out things about Snyder’s operation. But discovery can also be a legal term by which all sides in a lawsuit can query the opposite pre-trial searching for any and all information that helps make their case. If the explanations used to expel Snyder are a toxic work environment or financial malfeasance those other owners open themselves as much as unbridled questioning about their franchises’ own actions and potential misdeeds. You possibly can bet there are greater than a couple of skeletons in those closets as well.

Does Jerry Jones actually need to have to clarify why he paid a former cheerleader $2.4 million to settle a case she brought involving one in all his executives?

Does Jim Irsay actually need to go in depth into the depth of his drug and alcohol problems and the way they may need affected the operations of his franchise?

Does Stan Kronke, who owns the Rams, actually need to be forced under oath to clarify exactly how he ended up with the rights to Los Angeles when he was attempting to escape from St. Louis?

And, oh by the way in which, isn’t Raiders’ owner Mark Davis now facing most of the same form of accusations of operating a hostile work environment that demeaned women and troubled a few of his former executives?

Do any of the boys who own NFL teams actually need to open up their very own franchises to probing under oath by Snyder’s attorneys about any and all accusations made by disgruntled former employees of problems much like those Snyder has been charged with?

And, lastly, just how deeply into their financial dealings do Snyder’s 31 partners actually need his lawyers to delve simply to force out a man apparently incapable of constructing a competitive football team?

While Daniel Snyder’s partners could also be sick of the drama emanating from the various charges now being leveled at him from former employees and surely wouldn’t be completely satisfied to learn if it was true that he beat them out of some money with suspect bookkeeping, those discoveries ultimately would pale in importance to the form of discovery they need no a part of. It’s the type that comes with an anti-trust suit that Snyder would likely file against them if they struggle to force him out of their monopolistic football league.

Sick of Daniel Snyder? Surely lots of his NFL partners are. Sick enough to face his lawyers’ questions on their very own business practices and workplace environments?

Don’t count on getting 24 votes for that.

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