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Right-Wing Organization Launches Chilling Map Marking Schools As ‘Woke Hot Spots’


A far-right Missouri organization has launched a disturbing map alerting followers to “hot spots” of so-called “woke” activity within the state.

As of Monday, the 12 map locations all concerned educational institutions, and linked to articles, videos and tweets trashing things like critical race theory and variety training. The data named a minimum of 12 specific schools or school districts — particularly chilling in light of America’s mounting toll of faculty mass shootings.

The Liberty Alliance is “committed to fighting back against the woke agenda permeating all across Missouri,” reads a statement on the conservative group’s website next to a state map peppered with spots.

“Step one in fighting back is uncovering their crazy ideas — from Critical Race Theory to grooming toddlers with sexually explicit books,” the statement added. “That’s the reason we have now officially launched the Woke Heat Map — an interactive tool designed to reveal the insane actions of the novel Left. This map will alert Missourians of craziness happening in their very own communities.”

Critical race theory, a tutorial framework that appears at how polices and laws perpetuate systemic racism, has turn out to be a right-wing boogeyman. Educators say the term has been weaponized by the correct to limit diversity initiatives and teachings about race and U.S. history.

Apart from featuring articles, the map isn’t actually “interactive” in any way, as claimed. As an alternative, followers are encouraged to interact with the organization by filling out forms on the net page reporting “woke hot spots” for the map.

Attorney Ron Filipkowski discovered a video interview with Liberty Alliance executive director Spencer Bone crowing concerning the latest initiative keeping track of any “crazy motion taken by a crazy leftist.” While describing the recent spots on the map, Bone begins to check with places where “gender extremism” was pushed, but corrected himself to say “woke extremism.”

‘Liberty Alliance’ has launched a ‘Woke Interactive Map’ to warn MAGA about instances of woke behavior in a selected community. The positioning will alert people if either: 1. CRT, 2. Woke Extremism, or 3. ‘Motion by a Crazy Leftist’ has taken place. pic.twitter.com/G3DYLh05C8

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) May 29, 2022

A few of Filipkowski’s Twitter followers found it funny, but most were disturbed by it — particularly in light of the growing variety of hate-fueled mass shootings.

This is not “technology” ~ it’s stalking and doxxing.

— Oh, For Fuck’s Sake 🏳️‍🌈🛵☮ (@msvespa) May 30, 2022

After a racially motivated shooter just targeted an area due to its demographics, would could possibly go incorrect with this?

— Art and Thought. (@JamesPleasant15) May 29, 2022

Henrich Himmler began slightly organization very like this. I feel they went by the name Gestapo.

— D L Monroe (@DLMonroe2) May 30, 2022

This looks as if something the FBI should concentrate on.
They’re targeting people. People will get hurt.

— Black Lives Matter (@annepearl1) May 29, 2022

It is the third one on the list. Seems like Gestapo and Minority Report combined. 🤬🤬🤬 pic.twitter.com/zPRSqQf7DS

— Hunter Cullen 🇺🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿 (@HunterJCullen) May 30, 2022

Oh this won’t result in more mass shootings will it.

— E 🤷‍♂️ Free State of CA (@elpear444) May 29, 2022

Dear @FBI ? Please try this Liberty Alliance. Okay ? Signed a “woke leftist”. Peace.

— JustSusan 🌟 (@TassajaraRd) May 30, 2022

Liberty Alliance couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Little is thought concerning the organization’s funding. It’s registered as a social welfare organization reasonably than a political motion committee under 501(c)(4) of the IRS code. That classification allows it to dodge campaign finance filing requirements, though the Missouri Democratic Party has said the group is involved in elections.

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