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Ryan Poles Defended By NFL Exec From Unfair Critics


Ryan Poles knew what he was inheriting when he took over. The Chicago Bears didn’t hire him as the brand new GM to take over a perennial contender. That they had a roster that had underachieved yet again. Someone was needed that would steer the ship in the appropriate direction. Almost 40 years with no championship is way too long for this organization. Poles had a vision, and the McCaskeys loved it. The one challenge was whether or not they’d be willing to let him see it through.

They appear ready for that commitment. The identical can’t be said for a lot of Bears fans. They’re already respiration down Poles’ neck for a way he handled the 2022 off-season. More specifically, they’re upset at how he didn’t do enough to assist Justin Fields within the passing game. His wide receiver additions have underwhelmed. The offensive line hasn’t been bad, nevertheless it’s nowhere near the upper tiers within the league. One NFL executive thinks the criticism is entirely unfair, though.

He told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune as much.

“Take a look at what he inherited,” the personnel man said. “A nasty salary-cap situation and an awful offensive line. The perfect receiver (Allen Robinson) was disgruntled, so he needed to let the guy go in free agency. The Bears were short on draft picks. That’s not on Poles. The cabinet was bare. That’s why Poles is there.

“Everybody has to pause and realize the Bears are in a rebuild regardless of what Poles says or Eberflus says. They’re doing the smart thing by not putting the young quarterback in harm’s way and making him throw a ton behind that offensive line and without offensive weapons. That’s smart. They don’t wish to hurt the child’s confidence like Houston did with David Carr when it had no person around him. Pump the brakes. It’s only two games.”

Ryan Poles is playing the long game.

That’s something many individuals aren’t willing to simply accept. He stated the goal from the outset. This team was going to construct through the draft. That’s how most successful franchises are constructed. Unfortunately, such things take time. It means Fields would must make do with what they might scrounge up in the interim. The worst thing to do could be asking him to chuck the ball 30-40 times every week when the encompassing personnel never made that feasible.

David Carr, whom the chief references, was sacked a horrific 249 times in 76 profession games with the Houston Texans. The guy was so beat up and shell-shocked that he never had a likelihood to appreciate his full potential as a #1 overall pick. The Bears don’t want that to occur with Justin Fields. That’s the reason they’re committed to running the football in the interim. It won’t at all times be pretty, nevertheless it should serve their long-term plans. Ryan Poles needs time to let his vision unfold.

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