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Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 review: Plenty to like still one thing to detest


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review (Image: SAMSUNG) This text accommodates affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

Samsung has recently been bragging about just how popular its foldable phones have grow to be and it’s no surprise that users are so smitten. We were bowled over by last 12 months’s Flip3 and there is something much more loveable concerning the recent Galaxy Z Flip 4 with this device oozing wow factor while you pull it out of your pocket and throw open the 6.7-inch 120Hz screen. The actual fact it’s now powered by the most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor means there’s little, if anything, it may’t address.

Faster charging, a more robust design and improved dual-lens cameras are also welcomed additions. As is the updated hinge which makes it even easier to prop up in your desk and take hands-free selfies. There’s a lot to like concerning the Flip4 but we do still have one big issue that will not go noticed by anyone who buys it.

Despite rumours suggesting an enormous update was coming to the screen, Samsung still hasn’t managed to do away with the horrible crease that also blights the viewing experience. It’s not possible to not see this bump that goes throughout the center of the bendy screen.

There’s also no expandable storage and, at £999 for the 128GB model, it’s still ludicrously expensive.

Clearly, we do have some niggles but there’s nothing else quite like Samsung’s Galaxy Flip range and this latest upgrade is unquestionably one to think about if you wish to stand out from the group.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Our Full Review

This recent Flip4 foldable is now faster, more robust and can take higher pictures via the dual-lens camera plus there’s improved wireless charging and more functionality from the mini Cover Display on the case.

The massive query is… is it really value £1,000 of your hard-earned money? Express.co.uk has been putting it through its paces and here’s our full review.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 features a small Cover Screen (Image: SAMSUNG)

Design and Display

The brand new Z Flip4 looks almost equivalent to last 12 months’s Flip3 but that is no bad thing. You continue to get the two-tone colored case that is covered in tough Gorilla Glass Victus. There’s also the mini Cover Screen on the front which is now improved with more widgets and useful glances at your notifications – you’ll be able to even make calls, reply to texts and control your own home’s smart devices without ever opening the phone.

A slimmer hinge makes things look neater and it’s launching in some recent colors including Bora Purple, Pink Gold and Blue – plus there’s the choice to design your individual style via the Bespoke Edition service.

Samsung is promising that the sturdiness has been improved barely this 12 months which should mean it survives years of being stuffed in your pocket. We have been using our review device for a few weeks and it definitely appears to be fabricated from pretty sturdy stuff and, up to now, our device still looks box fresh despite heavy usage.

These are all nice updates nevertheless it’s not a significant overhaul and it’s pretty hard to inform old from recent.

So that is the design but what about that flexible display?

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

The phone flips open to disclose a 6.7-inch screen (Image: SAMSUNG)

Throw open the screen and you will be treated to an expansive 6.7-inch screen with an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. Which means you get a silky smooth experience without it taking a large dent out of the battery.

Like all Samsung displays the Z Flip4 looks sublime with blacks appearing wealthy and hues looking vibrant. The actual fact this stunning screen folds neatly in half still blows our mind and there is no query that this technology is incredibly clever.

Nonetheless, we’ve to watch out about getting too carried away with this gimmick as we do have one huge niggle with the Flip4. Samsung still hasn’t managed to iron out the horrible crease that sits slap bang in the course of the screen. Watch Netflix in a dark room and you will not notice it but start getting a daylight reflection on the display and it stands out like a really sore thumb.

This can also be a really tall panel which makes it hard to make use of one-handed and in addition looks a bit odd when watching movies because the motion doesn’t fill the entire area.

It is not perfect but we’re still bamboozled by how Samsung creates these foldable screens and there is no denying that the Flip’s unique design is far more exciting than all of its rivals.

Battery Life and Charging

There’s some excellent news concerning the battery tucked contained in the Z Flip4 as it isn’t only larger than the Flip3 (up from 3,300 to three,700mAh) but will be charged more quickly. That combined with the efficiency of the brand new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset ensures you get a good period of time between charges.

We have easily managed to get through a day without going near a plug and our video tests have also been impressive with two hours of streaming on YouTube sucking just 15 percent out of the battery.

That quicker refilling means it’s in a position to go from flat to 50 percent in only half-hour. In fact, you will want to purchase a robust plug to make use of this feature as, like all recent Samsung phones, the Flip4 only ships with a USB-C lead and no charger within the box.

One final thing to notice about this device is that, similar to the Flip3, it’s fully compatible with wireless charging so you’ll be able to pop it on any Qi pad for a hassle-free top-up.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 review (Image: SAMSUNG)

Power and Processor

Tucked under the glass and metal case of the Galaxy Z Flip4 is the cutting-edge recent Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 system-on-a-chip, which offers supreme performance whilst also being incredibly efficient.

Qualcomm’s latest processor brings big gains over the older Snapdragon 888, which will be found inside last 12 months’s Galaxy Z Flip 3, and makes switching between apps, running resource-intensive games, and multitasking feels far more fluid. In truth, this recent brain is around 4 times faster than Qualcomm’s older chipset and also can handle far more intensive graphics all without hurting battery life.

It’s an ideal update from Samsung and means the Flip4 really is future-proofed for years of Android updates.

The Camera

Together with the brand new Qualcomm brains, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 also gets some big improvements to the dual-lens rear camera with this phone now in a position to shoot much brighter images especially when the sun goes.

The 2 12MP cameras, which include the primary lens and ultra-wide option, also get enhanced Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) for shake-free photos and smoother video capture. OIS also guarantees to enhance night photography, when the shutter is open for for much longer and any wobble may end up in a blurry image.

There are another clever features including the choice to mechanically keep everyone within the frame when shooting hands-free selfie videos – something also made possible due to the clever design which allows the phone to rise up by itself.

We’re still fully testing the Z Flip 4 camera and can update this review in the approaching days but listed below are some early test shots taken on the phone.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: Camera sample (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: Camera sample (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review: Camera sample (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

There are many nice extras on the Z Flip4 including a quick side-mounted fingerprint scanner, loud speakers and full access to speedy 5G network technology which permits you to whizz movies and files to the device at speeds in excess of 300Mbps.

The brand new hinge, which has been redesigned from the bottom up, permits you to open this phone like a laptop, in order that it may be propped up for the right selfie or so the handset can stand by itself while you’re watching a YouTube video. It really works rather well and stiffness within the hinge means it may be moved to any position that takes your fancy.

Sadly, there is no microSD card slot and we would probably have preferred the fingerprint reader to be tucked under the screen but these are small niggles on what’s otherwise a feature-packed phone.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 review

s small eThe design means the phone enough to slot in a tiny bag (Image: SAMSUNG)

The Price

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is definitely not a bargain. Prices start from £999 for the 128GB model and rise to £1,199 for the version with 512GB of storage. As we mentioned earlier, there is no microSD slot so it is vital you select the model rigorously before hitting the buy button.

To ease the pain, Samsung is offering some generous trade-in deals while you hand over your old phone and there is a 12 months of Disney+ for anyone who buys the Flip 4 before August 25.

It’s value noting that the Z Flip3 is now £100 lower than the Flip4 and expect some even higher deals on this older device when its newer sibling hits shelves this Friday.

Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 review

Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 review (Image: SAMSUNG)

Galaxy Z Flip4: Final Verdict

Galaxy Flip 4 review – at a look

What We Loved

  • Design continues to be ludicrously clever
  • Blistering Qualcomm processor
  • Greater battery and faster charging 
  • Feels strong and well built

What We Didn’t

  • That horrible crease within the screen
  • No expandable storage
  • Expensive

This recent phone from Samsung is flippin’ sensible. The design still dazzles, it’s now supremely powerful and more robust than ever before.

The Flip4 also gets that improved dual-lens camera, longer battery life, faster charging and improved Cover Screen.

Upgrades to the hinge make it feel more refined and it still turns heads while you pull it out of your pocket and throw open that vast 120Hz screen.

There’s a lot to prefer to about this foldable but it is vitally expensive and that crease in the course of the screen still drives us mad.

Are we completely smitten with the Galaxy Fip4? Absolutely yes! Would we spend £999 on one? That is open for debate.

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