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Series I bond rate expected to fall to roughly 6.48% in November


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Fixed rate for I bonds will ‘most certainly be zero’

I bond rates have two parts, a hard and fast rate, which stays the identical after purchase, and a variable rate, which changes every six months based on inflation.

The variable part is the share change in inflation over the past six months based on the buyer price index for all urban consumers, referred to as CPI-U, reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Nonetheless, there is no set formula for the fixed rate, which is currently 0%, in keeping with David Enna, founding father of Tipswatch.com, a web site that tracks I bond rates

While he predicts a 50/50 probability of the fixed rate changing, he said many experts consider it won’t be crucial on account of existing high demand for I bonds.

“If we get to 0.3% or 0.5% [for the fixed rate], it’ll be somewhat a surprise,” Enna said. “I feel most certainly it’ll be zero.” This chart from the Treasury Department shows the history of each rates since November 2021.

Recent rate continues to be higher than other savings products

While 6.48% is lower than the past two I bond rates, it’s still higher than other options for money, like savings accounts or certificates of deposits, Tumin said. 

Although rates of interest are climbing, most banks still aren’t paying greater than 4% for a one-year CD, he said. And top high-yield savings accounts are offering even less: 3.5% at most, as of Oct. 14, in keeping with DepositAccounts.com. The national average is 0.20%.

Nonetheless, you have to know that you could’t access I bond money for no less than one yr and there is a three-month penalty if you happen to money within the funds inside five years. There’s also a $10,000 purchase limit for electronic I bonds per calendar yr, with just a few options to purchase more.

Still, if you happen to need the cash within the short-term, it might be higher to diversify with other options to tap the funds sooner.

“In the event you’re using it for emergency funds, it is vital to ease into it,” Tumin said. “Slowly ramp up, and do not put all of your eggs in that basket.”

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