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“Shams Charania Runs Hoop Central”: $1.5 Million NBA Insider’s Biased Tweets Against Stephen Curry  Russell Westbrook Stand Exposed


Recently NBA Insider and analyst Shams Charania found himself in an embarrassing situation. The Athletic reporter got called out for running the favored social media account Hoop Central. A grave error on the a part of the Chicago native, finding himself amid a storm online.

Shams was exposed via a screenshot posted on Hoop Central’s Twitter account. The topic being Draymond Green’s response to Lakers guard Patrick Beverley’s 3-game suspension.

The owner of Hoop Central is Shams himself LMAOOO pic.twitter.com/QxFgTYZAVM

— Real NBA Quotez (@realnbaquotxz) November 24, 2022

What appeared the screenshot to be captured from Shams’ phone. Thus leaving the 28-year-old in a distressing situation with social media digging up a number of the account’s old tweets, uncovering his biased opinions on players and former colleagues.

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Thus it was only a matter of time before the skeletons from the closet appeared, leaving Shams potentially read-faced.

NBA Twitter reacts to Shams Charania getting exposed for running Hoop Central.

So HoopCentral was really Shams burner the entire time 🤔 pic.twitter.com/ynig9X5u6P

— 🤝 (@PHXBuns) November 24, 2022

Man @ShamsCharania single-handily ruined his own profession pic.twitter.com/2riFn1wqjN

— Adam Hartenshake (@supxans) November 24, 2022

It was at all times team Woj anyway @ShamsCharania a goofy lol pic.twitter.com/pw1ZdVKPYH

— 🌖⚡️ (@thundercudi) November 25, 2022

It’s definitely not lol

— Farbod Esnaashari (@Farbod_E) November 24, 2022

that is crazy

— NBACentral (@TheNBACantrel) November 24, 2022

LOL shams forgot to log off pic.twitter.com/gHGfJjtTN0

— Alex (@starfly00709) November 24, 2022

@ShamsCharania ??? https://t.co/6BmtVjuCE1

— Khalil Jamal (@khaliljamal03) November 25, 2022

This definitely doesn’t look good on Shams’ resume, given the dent the above controversy could cause on the NBA Insider’s credibility.

A glance into Shams Charania’s background.

Shams was born and raised in Chicago, graduating from Loyola University. The Athletic reporter began his sportswriting profession at a mere 17 years old, covering the Bulls for ChicagoNow.

On catching veteran Adrian Wojnarowski’s attention, Shams joined Yahoo Sports. The 28-year-old’s role entailed him breaking news about contract extensions and high-profile signings.

In 2018, Shams joined The Athletic and Stadium, rising the ranks as he broke the news of Rudy Gobert testing positive for COVID-19, in addition to former US President Donal Trump and First Lady Melina Trump testing the identical.

The senior reporter has amassed a net price of $1.5 million, delivering breaking news.

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