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Shocking Latest Lesson In Florida Public School Boosts Trump’s Election Lie


A jaw-dropping project in a Florida public school district is peddling Donald Trump’s lie that the presidential election he lost was rigged.

The project at R. Dan Nolan Middle School in Bradenton presented sixth-grade students with a fact: “President Trump made claims that the 2020 election was stolen.” But calling his claims false — which they’re — could be an example of “bias” within the media, in line with the lesson.

“The media is commonly biased and can add words that persuade you to think a method or one other,” warned the project. The sentence stating that the previous president made the election claims “is just providing you with information,” it said, but calling the claims false “leads you to consider he’s flawed before you’ve gotten all of the facts.”

The startling lesson was shared amongst school parents and ended up within the hands of Ron Filipkowski, a Sarasota attorney who quit a commission in Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration two years ago in protest over his policies and now tracks conservative movements on Twitter and within the media.

The project is “actually essentially the most biased example of bias I’ve seen,” the mother of a student within the School District of Manatee County told The Each day Beast on Friday. “It seems pretty misplaced for a sixth-grade class,” she added.

The mother said she was amongst a lot of parents who called the college to complain, with the principal promising to look into the problem.

The local school board issued an announcement saying that the district is “committed to adhering to the curriculum and instructional standards set forth by the Florida Department of Education and Florida Statutes.”

Though the project was based a state-approved textbook, the handout given to students featured examples not included in its pages, district spokesman Michael Barber told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper.

The lesson had been created by a teacher who was absent, and it was distributed by a substitute, in line with the official.

“The homework project doesn’t meet the expectations of the School District of Manatee County,” Barber told the paper in an announcement.

“A radical review of future homework lessons on this course is going down and remaining issues related to this project will probably be addressed.”

The district said on Twitter that it’s “investigating the facts regarding the alleged project.”

Trump and his allies have did not present evidence that the 2020 election was rigged, and investigations of state legislatures and dozens of court cases have found no justification for overturning its legitimate results.

@Manateeschools is investigating the facts regarding the alleged project being discussed on this feed. We’ll update as warranted.

— Manatee Schools (@Manateeschools) September 1, 2022

Massive changes throughout the Florida school system have triggered a firestorm of controversy. A recent state law — known as “Don’t Say Gay” laws by critics — prohibits discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in lower grades, and examinations of racism are severely restricted as a consequence of prohibitions against critical race theory, a systemic evaluation of the topic.

DeSantis in July bizarrely complained about supposed “woke math” that’s unconcerned with correct calculations.

“I’m just pondering to myself, like, 2 plus 2 equals 4. It’s not 2 plus 2 equals: Well how do you are feeling about that? Is that an injustice?” he sarcastically asked on the time. “No. We gotta teach the youngsters to get the best answer.”

DeSantis boasted that Florida returned textbooks with so-called woke math to publishers, which “took the woke out and sent us back normal math books.”

Screening schoolbooks is an ongoing project of the DeSantis administration. A recent state law requires that books be approved for suitability by state-certified media specialists.

A faculty district was forced last month to reject lots of of donated dictionaries since it didn’t yet have enough trained specialists to review them.

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