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Should UK be fearful of a Lib Dem-Labour coalition? Have your say | Politics | News


Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party is on target to win the subsequent general election in response to the most recent polls – but they may need some help to realize a majority.

The Conservative Party hoped a change of leader would revitalise their probabilities of holding on to power with Boris Johnson now not in Number 10, as Rishi Sunak promised to bring integrity back to the federal government.

Since then, the scandals have continued to pile up and Labour is predicted to punish the Tories when polling stations open and voters get the prospect to come to a decision Britain’s next prime minister.

The situation leaves Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey faced with the prospect of helping Labour into power if his party can pick up enough seats.

The party performed well within the local elections earlier this yr, gaining 407 latest councillors, and shall be hoping to hold the momentum into the subsequent election.

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Writing for Express.co.uk yesterday, Jonathan Saxty argued that any type of Lib Dem-Labour coalition could bring drastic and everlasting changes to Britain’s electoral system.

Such an agreement “will almost actually involve a referendum on changing the voting system”, he said, adding that a possible switch to the proportional representation (PR) kind of voting “can be devastating for the Conservatives”.

If PR did replace the first-past-the-post system currently in place, the election map would look completely different as MPs can be chosen based on the portion of votes each party receives.

One other policy the Lib Dems could pursue is closer ties with the European Union. The party has not been fearful of sharing its pro-European colors, calling for the UK to hunt deeper integration with EU agencies before eventually rejoining the one market.

These changes would reverse years of labor spent on sorting Brexit and negotiating trade deals with a few of the world’s biggest trading blocs equivalent to the CPTPP.

So, what do you think that? Should Britain be fearful of a Lib Dem-Labour coalition government? Have your say within the comments section below.

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