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Silent Witness fans spot ‘ridiculous’ injury blunder in final moments of finale | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV


The Silent Witness finale aired in two-parts titled Southbay, which saw Jack (played by David Caves) come to assistance from an old friend. Jack’s kind nature ultimately got him sucked right into a difficult case, with a police officer being the primary suspect. Nevertheless, some fans became distracted in the ultimate scenes as they spotted an injury blunder.

In the course of the scene in query, Bridget Laing (Sarah Woodward) and Kate Freeman (Leo Hatton) walked into the previous’s house after hosting a small party.

Attempting to keep the conversation light, Bridget said: “All of it went! I normally make an excessive amount of! Do you’re thinking that Mike’s OK?”

Kate simply replied: “Yeah. I mean under the circumstances. Why?”

Looking concerned, Bridget answered: “Just him shooting off like that,” before walking back out into the garden.

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Kate peered down at Bridget’s phone to see she had 13 missed calls from Mike Laing (Luke Allen-Gale) before finally answering the following call.

He asked: “Is Kate still there? You have to maintain her there!” to which Kate replied: “I’m still here, Mike.”

Knowing he had informed Kate that he knows concerning the fact she murdered his sister, his face dropped into concern.

Still, on the phone, she asked: “What is the matter?” nevertheless, Mike quickly hung up the phone.

Back in real time, Kate continued to try to attack Bridget, nevertheless as a trained police officer she managed to restrain and arrest her.

She expressed: “Kate Freeman I’m arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Carol Laing in Southby, Essex.”

Mike soon turned up at the home and saw Kate in handcuffs, being put into the automotive by Bridget, before being taken into custody.

Nevertheless, fans had a difficulty with the violent scenes, with many taking to their Twitter accounts to precise their concerns.

@DebbieBlackma14 quipped: “I do not know she could drive (or see) with that head injury #SilentWitness.”

@NewGru2 commented: “Erm. Copper takes a blow to the pinnacle from the casserole dish. Captures the assailant after which drives her to the police station. #SilentWitness. Taking the viewers for m**s. Ridiculous. Come on.”

@ifeelflames said: “Don’t think you have to be driving with that head injury tbh! #SilentWitness.”

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