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‘SNL’ Mocks George Santos Over and Over Again


It wasn’t an issue of if and even when “Saturday Night Live” would get around to ridiculing Representative George Santos, the Republican congressman who has lied about wide swaths of his résumé, just a straightforward matter of which “S.N.L.” forged member would play him.

And inside minutes of this weekend’s broadcast, we got our answer: Bowen Yang appeared as Santos within the opening sketch, and again in a deskside segment on Weekend Update.

The show, hosted by Aubrey Plaza and featuring the musical guest Sam Smith, began with a satirical Fox Sports recap of the Eagles-Giants N.F.L. playoff game. When Mikey Day (playing the TV analyst Howie Long) introduced a recent sideline reporter with a powerful list of credentials — “Heisman Trophy winner, more championships than Tom Brady” — it turned out to be Yang in his first go-round as Santos.

Reminded of his claims that he was the primary player to steer the league in rushing and passing, Yang answered: “That’s correct. I’m form of the actual Bo Jackson. And I’m proud to be the primary African American quarterback to ever dunk a football.” (He also said he had attended and played sports at “the University of College.”)

He also denied that he had been a drag performer under the name Kitara Ravache. But, Yang added, “Whoever did, though, was very, excellent at it and won many, many pageants.”

Just a few minutes later, Yang returned as Kitara Ravache, claiming the camera away from a confused Ego Nwodim (playing the sportscaster Pam Oliver).

“I’m not George,” Yang said, “I’m Kitara,” noting that his statistics in that field included 26 Death Drops, 19 Duck Walks and “infinity” Wigs Snatched, in addition to “the award for tightest tuck.”

If that’s not enough Santos content for you, Yang played the role again afterward Weekend Update, where the anchor Colin Jost quizzed him about his false skilled and private claims.

In that segment, Yang said that he was not Jewish but “Jew-ish, which was truthfully icon-ic.” Nonetheless, he continued to claim that his grandparents were within the Holocaust. “They really knew Anne Frank,” he said. “My ancestors were those that told her, ‘You need to be writing this down.’”

Although she is thought for enjoying wryly ironic characters on shows like “Parks & Recreation” and “The White Lotus,” Plaza said in her first-ever “S.N.L.” monologue that she was sincerely excited to be there as host. She had been a page at NBC years before, and he or she took the audience on a halfhearted tour across the studio, including the set design department where Plaza once worked. (“We all the time believed in you, Avery,” the production designer Akira (Leo) Yoshimura told her.)

Plaza also just happened to run into her old “Parks & Rec” co-star Amy Poehler and got a video shout-out from President Biden, whom she said she had beaten in a rating of Delaware celebrities.

“You’re essentially the most superstar out of Delaware, and there’s absolute confidence about that,” Biden said within the segment. “We’re just grateful you made it out of ‘White Lotus’ alive.”

When you’ve got a “White Lotus” forged member as your host, you’d darn well higher have a “White Lotus” parody somewhere in your show. This filmed segment was greater than only a showcase for Chloe Fineman’s dead-on impression of Jennifer Coolidge, though: It also imagined a luxury hotel called “The Black Lotus,” staffed by forged members including Nwodim, Kenan Thompson and Devon Walker, who don’t have any patience for the shenanigans of their privileged guests.

Nor are they especially desperate to help the police when dead bodies are found floating within the ocean. As Nwodim says: “Is the ocean the hotel? Because I work on the hotel.”

The hit science-fiction thriller “M3gan” is seemingly proving especially popular with gay audiences. (Hey, where have we heard that before?) So why not devise a sequel that leans into that demographic?

That’s the premise of this fake trailer for “M3gan 2.0,” which features Fineman delivering one other pitch-perfect impersonation — this time because the murderous robotic doll of the film’s title — and Plaza as her much more gay-friendly upgrade. There’s also a cameo from the “M3gan” star Allison Williams as herself, who’s hailed as a gay ally for reasons we are able to’t exactly describe intimately here. (When you’re acquainted with her work on the HBO series “Girls,” it’s possible you’ll have already got some idea why.)

Over on the Weekend Update desk, the anchors Jost and Michael Che continued to riff on George Santos and the F.B.I.’s seizure of more classified documents from President Biden’s Delaware home.

Jost began:

George Santos is facing multiple investigations for lying about nearly every aspect of his life to make himself appear way more successful than he’s, earning him the nickname Instagram. Of all of George Santos’s lies, my favorite was that he was a standout volleyball player for Baruch College. Now that could be a effective thing to be, but an insane thing to pretend to be. Like, that’s his fantasy? It’s like asking a child, what do they wish to be after they grow up? They usually’re like, “I don’t know, assistant manager at Kohl’s?”

Jost continued, because the screen beside him showed a photograph of Santos walking two dogs:

George Santos — seen here with two people he listed as skilled references — was described by a fashion expert as having the ability to get away together with his lies for thus long because he was well dressed. This guy is well dressed? He looks like he’s attempting to steal clothes by putting them on over what he wore into the shop. And, uh, to not a bitch, but can we discuss this look? I mean, a blazer over a half-zip? Girl, not at my yacht party.

Che picked up the Santos thread:

A drag queen who claims she performed with George Santos said that George didn’t have the glamour to be an expert. But she said one other drag queen in Congress is totally slaying because the character Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Pausing for applause, he went on:

Earlier today, the F.B.I. searched President Biden’s Delaware home and located six additional Obama-era classified documents. Worse, one in every of them was Obama’s real birth certificate. [The screen beside him showed a joke birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama from the Republic of Kenya.] It was hidden in a replica of Black Tail magazine.

Even by “S.N.L.” standards, this was an episode jam-packed with celebrity cameos, including Jonathan and Drew Scott (also often called the Property Brothers), Tony Hawk, Kim Petras (who joined Sam Smith in the primary musical segment) and Sharon Stone (who appeared in Smith’s second performance).

But when we had to choose a sentimental favorite, we might select this Weekend Update deskside segment, by which Poehler and Plaza returned as Leslie Knope and April Ludgate, the hapless government employees they played on “Parks & Recreation.” They were utterly charming, and we appreciate seeing “S.N.L.” go to great lengths to search out them a blazer and a hoodie to wear for his or her roles.

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