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Stacey Abrams’s Personal Evolution on Abortion Rights


“I used to be incorrect after I dismissed her query. I used to be incorrect after I assumed I knew enough of her truth to inform her what she could or couldn’t do, what she should or mustn’t seek, what medical advice ought to be given and what support ought to be offered,” Ms. Abrams said.

Still, Ms. Abrams considered herself against abortion rights after college and as she went through law school. She only shifted her views, she said, when she began to take into consideration running for office. At 30, as a deputy city attorney, she interviewed for a position on the board of directors for the Georgia WIN List, a political motion committee that backs women candidates who support abortion access. When she applied, Ms. Abrams disclosed that she was unsure of what her views of abortion were, she said. She had reservations about calling herself “pro-choice,” she said.

Melita Easters, founder and executive director of the Georgia WIN List, said she remembered Ms. Abrams’s uncertainty, saying “The Stacey who served on the Georgia WIN List board isn’t the identical Stacey who has evolved into someone who commands the presence of a room and speaks with such great eloquence.”

“She was the more thoughtful, introverted side of herself at the moment period,” Ms. Abrams said.

Ms. Easters and the organization’s co-founder, Mary Long, introduced Ms. Abrams to several women affiliated with the organization in an effort to attach her with abortion rights supporters in Georgia politics. Ms. Abrams said she wrote an essay to assist herself reason through it: While abortion may not be a procedure she wanted for herself, she decided, it was one she was willing to fight to guard access to.

“It was after I got able to stand for office that I had to essentially make myself confront what I meant by that,” Ms. Abrams said. “And what I meant was that I used to be now not within the anti-abortion camp.”

Ms. Abrams won her seat within the Georgia House in 2006 as an abortion rights supporter. In 2011, because the Democratic minority leader within the House, she rallied all of the chamber’s Democrats to kill a Republican-proposed bill that will have attempted to ban abortions within the state in nearly all circumstances.

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