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Steph Curry confused by recent NBA rule: We do not understand it


Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry has claimed that players are still confused by a recent rule introduced by the NBA ahead of the 2022/23 season.

The league decided to penalize the fouls made by players to stop a transition scoring opportunity, with the teams that attack being awarded one free throw and retaining possession of the ball.

“This recent rule, I promise you, we still don’t understand it,” Curry told NBC in the course of the Warriors‘ 122-119 defeat to the Detroit Pistons.

Curry went on to joke that players can call for a ‘take foul’ more often to reap the benefits of the overall confusion.

“Well now if it happens within the open court, just yell ‘take foul’,” he added.

“I do not mind it, though, just so long as it’s being consistent.”

The NBA Board of Governors released an announcement back in July to tell fans in regards to the recent change in regulations.

Latest NBA rule

“Starting with the 2022-23 NBA season, the penalty for committing a take foul (a foul by which the defender doesn’t make a play on the ball) to stop a transition scoring opportunity (which exists when, following a change in possession, the offensive team is repeatedly advancing the ball while it has a bonus based on the speed of the play, the position of the defenders or each) will probably be as follows,” reads the NBA’s statement.

“The offensive team will probably be awarded one free throw, which could also be attempted by any player on the offensive team in the sport on the time that the foul is committed.

“The offensive team will retain possession of the ball.

“The defensive player who commits the take foul will probably be assessed a typical personal foul.”

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