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Succession fans ‘feel sick’ after brutal Shiv and Tom showdown | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV


*Warning: Spoilers ahead for Succession season 4, episode 7* 

Succession fans have declared they ‘feel sick’ after watching a bitter row erupt between estranged married couple, Shiv and Tom.

The pair – who split between seasons three and 4 after Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) sided with Shiv’s (Sarah Snook) father Logan (Brian Cox) in a business dealing – initially looked set to reunite after several episodes of flirting and companionship.

Within the wake of Logan’s death, the duo had rekindled their sexual relationship and were even living under the identical roof again.

But after so a few years of causing one another pain and suffering within the name of power moves and getting Logan’s approval, their ceasefire proved temporary and blew up in spectacular fashion.

Hosting a celebration together ahead of the election, by which Shiv’s brother Connor is running, Tom quickly got annoyed as she gave the impression to be making snide comments about his position at the corporate in front of powerful business allies.

Finally having enough, he takes her onto the balcony, and each of their pent-up rage exploded in a vicious row that left each in tears.

With their claws coming out, Shiv declared him “not adequate for her” and accused him of only using her for her DNA as he was an inherent social and business climber.

She also angrily told Tom he’d ‘stolen her last six months together with her father’ after effectively becoming Logan’s right-hand man after betraying Shiv and her brothers, Kendall and Roman.

In response, Tom screams at her that she’s broken and that she had “no sense of self”, telling Shiv he had every right to do what he did after she almost let him go to prison to cover up against the law the business committed.

He also told her she “wouldn’t be a very good person to have children” – completely unaware she’s pregnant with presumably his child.

With years of resentment finall coming out of each of them, the duo eventually returned to the party, before going to bed in separate rooms.

Neither were capable of sleep as they mulled over what it’s that they had just said to one another

The horrendous scenes left viewers on Twitter to say their stomachs had turned over just how horrible the argument got, while also praising Snook and Macfadyen for his or her incredible performances.

“That tom and shiv argument had me sick to my stomach,” wrote @sniederhouse.

“This episode of #Succession just proves how everyone on this show deserves an award,” @MsAileenRae added. “The writing, especially during Tom and Shiv’s confrontation is just… flawless.”

“Tom and Shiv’s fiery argument really does capture the inner workings of a relationship gone mistaken perfectly…the bitterness and absolute wish to hurt the opposite person together with your words but in addition the sadness of the aftermath,” added @IrishMonkey84.

Things are removed from over though, with the couple facing much more trying times – starting with an election, and Logan’s funeral.

Succession airs Sundays on HBO within the US and on Sky and NOW within the UK.



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