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China’s central bank PBOC warns against yuan speculation

The Chinese yuan weakened past the closely-watched 7.2 level against the greenback this week.Getty ImagesBEIJING — The People's Bank of China has warned against...

Bank emergency move driven by pension fund fears

The tax-cutting plans in Friday's mini-budget sparked turmoil for the UK economy.

Mass insolvency of pension funds would have happened TODAY – Bank of England ‘needed to act’

The bank said its actions can be carried out on "whatever scale is needed" to stabilise the UK economy.

Bank of England needed to take emergency motion to stop mass pension funds insolvency TODAY

The bank said its actions can be carried out on "whatever scale is vital" to stabilise the UK economy.

Bank of England steps in to calm markets

The Bank says it'll buy government bonds to stop a "material risk to UK financial stability".

Bank of England responds to pound plummet by vowing to alter rates ‘as essential’

On Monday the pound nosedived to its lowest level against the dollar since decimalisation in 1971, because it fell greater than 4 percent.

Bank of England Raises Interest Rates to 2.25%

Last month, the bank predicted that the economy would weaken all through next 12 months as household incomes were significantly squeezed by high inflation,...

Sweden’s central bank launches 100 basis point rate hike

Sweden's Riksbank launched a 100 basis point hike to rates of interest on Tuesday because it looks to rein in inflation.Mikael Sjoberg/Bloomberg via Getty...

Bank ‘to boost rates of interest’ despite slight fall in inflation

THE Bank of England is forecast to boost rates of interest again, despite signs that inflation eased last month.

Bank of England delays rate of interest decision after Queen’s death

The UK's central bank postpones its meeting by every week "in light of the period of national mourning".

Why China’s central bank is shoring up the yuan

The Chinese yuan has tumbled to two-year lows against the U.S. dollar in the previous few weeks.Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty ImagesBEIJING —...

Bank official calls for forceful rate rises as Truss takes power

Truss gets an economic reality check: Pound nears a 37-year low as...

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