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WASHINGTON — The National Archives informed Congress on Friday that members of the Trump White House still had not turned over all presidential records and signaled there may very well be legal consequences for individuals who...
Environment Secretary Ranil Jayawardena has insisted Government plans for growth is not going to come on the expense of the natural world.

‘Biggest tax absorb 40 years’ Ferrari confronts Shapps over Rishi Sunak as tax cutting PM

RISHI Sunak's ally Grant Shapps was slapped down for claiming the Tory leadership contestant will cut taxes after the previous Chancellor increased taxes.

Fed Confronts a ‘Recent World’ of Inflation

Federal Reserve officials are questioning whether their longstanding assumptions about inflation still apply as price gains remain stubbornly and surprisingly rapid — a bout...

CNN’s Jim Acosta Confronts NRA Board Member: ‘Is not This Blood On Your Hands?’

CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted a National Rifle Association board member over a spate of horrific recent mass shootings and the group’s resistance to allowing...

Man Confronts Ted Cruz At Restaurant: ’19 Dead Kids, That is On Your Hands’

Sen. Ted Cruz, fresh off the stage on the National Rifle Association’s convention in Houston, sat all the way down to a sushi dinner...

Madeley confronts Sadiq Khan with furious viewers over partygate ‘Stop with this rubbish’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

“Steven on email, ‘Who cares? People were flaunting the foundations everywhere in the UK. Move on.’“Numerous those messages of individuals saying move on, what...

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