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Walshe’s text moves fast, and the music moves on the speed of thought. One moment, her vocals could appear to be celebrating web memes — or the “minor characters” who turn into “essential characters” for a...
When the Miami Heat chosen Dwyane Wade with the fifth pick of the 2003 N.B.A. draft, the league was in dire need of star players to hold it out of the Michael Jordan era.Wade’s draft class...

Dowden jokes he’ll take ‘no lectures’ from SNP on wastefulness | News

Oliver Dowden drew laughter from the federal government benches when he said he'll “take no lectures on profligacy” from the SNP.The deputy prime minister...

‘Don’t take lessons from him’ Dowden brutally shuts down Gordon Brown’s budget demands

GORDON Brown received savage criticism over his demands for the British Government to do more to tackle the associated fee of living crisis.

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