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Greater than three years after Elon Musk stunned the auto industry with an electrical pickup truck that looked more like a stealth fighter than a solution to haul two-by-fours and drywall, Tesla said last month that...
Tom Brady is pushing a latest image as of late after retiring from football.On Monday morning the 45-year-old athlete posted an eye-popping image to his Insta Stories.The star - who was seen screaming at an individual on...

Winter Storm System Bringing Heavy Snow, Rain and Wind Across the U.S.

A serious storm system that brought heavy snow, coastal rain and high winds within the mountains of California is constant a slow cross-country journey...

Wind power world record broken by ‘revolutionary’ turbine

A recent design of wind turbine has broken the world record for essentially the most amount of power generated in a 24-hour period.Siemens Gamesa...

Critics blast Starmer’s ‘British Leyland for wind farms’ plan

SIR Keir Starmer's plans to resolve the cost-of-living crisis by establishing a state-owned clean energy company has been slammed as 'wishful pondering'.

ESA’s solar probe captures the reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field, confirming solar wind theory

The European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter probe could have just captured evidence of a solar magnetic field reversing directions, bolstering a theory for a...

National Grid reveals £54bn wind power network upgrade plan

A bunch of pylons and cables would transport power from offshore wind farms across the UK.

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