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Padstow, Cornwall (Image: Getty Images/EyeEm/Craig Hardyman)

When most of us picture Cornwall, we’re flooded with visions of a quiet county with stunning landscapes, a dramatic coastline, long beaches, fascinating moorland, charming villages and towns with lovely businesses. Imagine it or not, not everyone agrees with you.

“Smelly harbours”, “tacky villages”, “cycle trails with too many cyclists”, and a coastal path that needs “serious policing” – that’s how the teasy visitors who’ve left “poor” and “terrible” reviews on TripAdvisor see the county.

And do not get them began on the gorgeous Bude sea pool which, apparently, is “nothing special”…

To mark the tip of the height tourist season, Cornwall Live has had a take a look at a few of the most baffling reviews on TripAdvisor – including ones deemed “outrageous and unreasonable”,  a lot in order that we’re sure they are going to make you smile or, on the very least, entertain you.

Charlestown is tacky

Bob O wrote: “We went here in 2017 and it was a pleasant place to go to and really picturesque nonetheless now it’s only a tourist trap stuffed with tacky food stalls, parking is a nightmare but when you are completely satisfied to attend people don’t seem to remain long”.

Amberley3737 commented: “What has grow to be of this lovely harbour? I assumed it was a World Heritage site – is it still? I can not consider how quickly this harbour has been was some form of Poldark theme park and an outdoor food hall.

“Tacky fake cannons, porta cabin food vendors that seem like they’ve come from the motorway and rows of umbrellas that will be more in step with Benidorm. We stayed in lovely accommodation which we are going to review individually but we spent most days travelling further afield as Charlestown seemed rammed with people just on the lookout for beer and BBQ!”

Cave near Mousehole, Cornwall

Cave near Mousehole, Cornwall (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Bodmin Moor has bulls and horses

Cally G, from Liverpool, wasn’t too keen on the animals. Oh, and the walks are too long. “Okay when you like very very long walks amongst bulls,” she wrote.

“Horses and bulls roam freely – not the very best idea we needed to walk the dog here! It’s extensively large and exquisite to take a look at with a stunning huge lake, but you possibly can easily wander off. That is an adult place, children wouldn’t enjoy it.”

Padstow is ‘boring, boring, boring’

Sue, from London, seems to think the water there needs clean. She commented: “Overrun by tourists. Expensive shops in Padstow harbour. The water may very well be cleaner. There are such a lot of tourists here, locals appeared to be fed up.”

Darren R added: “Boring. Cannot highlight Padstow boring boring boring, many of the town appears to be owned and run by one person…paid for half day parking left after an hour and a half. Not as nice as we thought can be and sooooo expensive.”

Did we mention it was boring?

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Fowey ‘hates tourists’

Two offended visitors vowed to never return to Fowey. Bit harsh…

Michael S wrote: “We stayed just outside Fowey for ten days at the tip of September. It was our first visit. We had hoped to centre the vacation around Fowey and the ferry boats and leave the automotive alone but we only went into the town 3 times because it was absolutely packed every time.

“There was a rather manic, unrelaxing feel to the place and It was an enormous disappointment. I’m sure it’s beautiful within the winter, but we didn’t prefer it and won’t be coming back again.”

sarahsmithneeroberts added: “Don’t hassle. I’d not return Fowey even when you paid me. Filled with horrible, rude individuals who hate tourists. The term cake and eat it springs to mind! It has a pleasant sandy cove for swimming, lovely shops & a picturesque river but only a few places to take a seat and chill. A great deal of high-end shops and exquisite properties.”

A seaside town in Cornwall

People left some interesting reviews of Cornwall (Image: Greg Willson/Unsplash)

Cornish coastal path ‘needs serious policing’

Dorsydorsy Wells wrote: “Watch out! Walked from Penzance to Marazion. Improbable walk completely ruined by the quantity of dog excrement on the trail. Needs some serious policing.”

At the least they recognised the walks themselves are value it.

Camel Trail has ‘too many cyclists’

“Walk ruined,” James R Nice wrote. “Fabulous scenery easy flat waking but ruined by cyclists who think they own the trail. Need eyes behind your head to avoid being run over”.

However the anger against cyclists doesn’t end there. In response to Simon F Shrivenham, they cannot even ride in a straight line…

Simon commented: “Totally destroyed by its own popularity. All the reviews are correct in that that is a lovely path, nice and flat, technically good for families etc.

“The difficulty is that given even the slightest glimmer of sunshine everyone seems to go there directly. Consequently, the trail is stuffed with individuals who cannot ride in a straight line, kids having tantrums and general misery. It’s testament to the overall British lack of imagination that folks feel the necessity to go to a particular cycle path to get their annual exercise. I imagine on the fitting day it may very well be really nice (assuming you are usually not on a road bike as much of the trail is gravel). Just don’t go in the college holidays!!”

Bude sea pool is ‘nothing special’

“Nothing special,” rockosworld Gretton wrote. “It’s only a swimming pool next to the beach, nothing special, good size, best to go when the weather is quite a bit warmer”.

Ouch. Nevertheless it gets worse… “Not pretty much as good because the Bude Tunnel, only a pool,” Andy B wrote. “For real motion head up the road to the tunnel. If you happen to don’t like salt water this is unquestionably not for you. Did I mention the Bude tunnel?”

Truro Cathedral is not ‘sufficiently old’

“Nice, but not exactly ancient,” ChrisGV identified concerning the cathedral which, indeed, was built between 1880 and 1910. “Newish religious construction in the course of a bustling, interesting small city. Avoid the mysticism, and go for a coffee! Far more rewarding than myths.”

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Golitha Falls are ‘a little bit of rough water’

J_pz_12 from Truro was underwhelmed. “I used to be expecting beautiful waterfalls cascading down, nonetheless, the truth was a little bit poor,” he wrote. “The walk through woods involved many trip hazards with tree roots, rocks etc… also not much signage showing the best way.

“There was some dog poo but that is all the way down to the owners not collecting the poo or leaving bags behind (shame on them). I assumed there was going to be a big waterfall tumbling down from the next level but alas this was not the case. We aborted mission after 45mins and went to the café for a coffee within the automotive park as an alternative. Dissatisfied.”

Alan S hasn’t actually seen the falls, but here’s his opinion anyway: “Not seen, so not really useful! We visited after a really slight rainfall the day past and the ensuing mud made the paths impassable. Having then seen photos of the “falls” – well, a little bit of rough water – we were glad in indisputable fact that we had expended no further effort!”

Mevagissey is a ‘smelly harbour’

M B described beautiful Meva as “tedious and overbearing”. And nonetheless as a “tedious area”.

“Unless you’re a really avid boat- spotter, you’ll spend the entire trip in a state of bewilderment on the time, trouble and price of attending to an aged, smelly harbour like every other,” they wrote. “There was a seagull. And a few very pompous, overbearing women with union jack sunglasses who told me we should always have allow them to in front of us, followed by several minutes of talking loudly concerning the lack of respect lately. I wish there was someone I could demand a refund from.”

Last but not least, Brumwzz from Birmingham with their savage review that recently went viral. “Awful,” they wrote. “Nothing but avoiding cars as they drive across the streets to ridiculously positioned automotive parks. With two babies and a dog it was not possible to comfortably wall across the place without having to step out of the best way every jiffy due to a automotive. Stressed me out a lot we left. Not a visitor-friendly place in any respect.

“Almost nowhere to take a seat out on the harbour. Plus hardly any dog-friendly places to eat. There are almost no places with outside seating if you should dine outside. Probably due to the constant passing cars. The entire place needs a redesign. Loads of places just outside the primary part they may put more parking. The gift shops just had any old crap you possibly can buy anywhere within the UK. Don’t hassle.”

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