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The Pittsburgh Steelers only have one NFL MVP winner since 1957


The Pittsburgh Steelers have a prestigious history, but remarkably, that only includes one NFL MVP winner for the reason that award began in 1957. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers is perhaps one in all the NFL’s best franchises by way of Super Bowl wins and win percentages. They even boast a number of the biggest defenses within the history of the league. Nevertheless, one accolade they don’t have much to indicate for is the NFL MVP award.

Despite their dominance within the Nineteen Seventies and their impressive stretch within the 2000s, the Steelers only have ever had one player win the NFL Most Useful Player award because it first began all the best way back in 1957 — a 65-year span.

This lone honor belonged to Hall of Fame quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, for his performance back in 1978. After leading his team to a 14-2 record that was later capped off with a Super Bowl victory and being awarded his only First-Team All-Pro, Bradshaw was labeled because the MVP of the NFL, via Pro Football Reference.

Remarkably, all of those years later, the Steelers have yet to have an NFL MVP. They aren’t alone here, as Pittsburgh is tied with 10 other franchisees who’ve only one NFL MVP for the reason that award began (including the Dallas Cowboys). Six franchises have never witnessed an MVP on their team.

What’s interesting is that some teams have many. The Green Bay Packers, for instance, have a whopping 10 of the 65 NFL MVP awards. That is because of their uber-impressive quarterbacks over time in Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers.

The Indianapolis Colts have found similar success on this department — earning a complete of 9 NFL MVP awards because of players like Jonny Unitas, Earl Morrall, and Peyton Manning.

The excellent news is that the Steelers have been in a position to find as much success within the NFL as any team despite having MVPs to make them victory. But is there a player on the roster who could possibly be in contention for this award in the longer term?

Steelers unlikely to have an MVP anytime soon

In today’s NFL, this award almost at all times goes to a quarterback… and for good reason. No player has a more vital role in all sports, and an incredible quarterback can carry the team on their shoulders.

Sadly, we’re in a loaded quarterback era and we don’t know what we will likely be getting out of Kenny Pickett. Even those with high expectations probably don’t consider that he’s going to be pushing for MVP votes anytime soon.

The last time a non-quarterback won the NFL MVP award was Adrian Peterson back in 2012. This award has only gone to a non-QB once up to now 15 years, and that doesn’t seem prone to change anytime soon as the worth of the position increases.

The perfect player on the team — unquestionably, in my mind — is T.J. Watt. The reigning Defensive Player of the 12 months is maybe the one longshot candidate to be on contention for this award, but this is perhaps as unlikely as Kenny Pickett winning it within the near future. As dominant as Watt has been, this award almost at all times goes to an offensive player. The nice Lawrence Taylor was the last defender to win this award all the best way back in 1986.

No matter whether or not the Steelers have a legitimate MVP candidate on their current roster, Pittsburgh at all times finds a method to be competitive. I’m hoping for an additional MVP to hitch the team within the near future, however the Steelers have shown with Ben Roethlisberger that it’s not required to win the Super Bowl.

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