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‘The View’ hosts slam Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez over Twitter spat


“The View” weighed in Wednesday on the widening rift throughout the Washington Post’s newsroom – with co-hosts questioning a politics reporter’s move to publicly lambast a colleague for retweeting a joke she deemed sexist.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg gave an in depth account of the interior turmoil on the Jeff Bezos-owned broadsheet and admitted that she “lost the entire trail a bit of while ago.”

But guest host Lindsey Granger was more pointed in her remarks, taking aim at Felicia Sonmez — who unleashed a social media onslaught over the retweet by fellow staffer Dave Weigel and after the following suspension of the longtime journalist

“This all the time gets lost on me, that folks insert themselves and make themselves the story when that’s the primary thing you’re taught to not do,” Granger said.

Weigel apologized and was suspended without pay for one month after sharing the joke, but Sonmez has continued clashing with colleagues online – with tensions running so high that an editor stepped in to demand reporters “treat one another with respect and kindness.”

Whoopi Goldberg said she was a bit “lost” in regards to the drama.The View

Granger added that Sonmez is “living in a glass house” after once being suspended herself in 2020 for tweeting about past rape allegations against NBA legend Kobe Bryant inside hours of his death in a helicopter crash.

“Don’t use Twitter as a public square. Use Twitter responsibly and use Twitter to share the story and be an actual journalist,” she said.

Sara Haines concurred, arguing that Twitter users should keep in mind that their online commentary was a mirrored image on their employers and their families.

“The lady’s tone, if read that backwards and forwards, she tries to say that she’s now fighting ‘the person’ on these issues which have never been handled, her tone is actually disappointing,” Haines said. “One in every of her other colleagues calls out and says ‘please stop doing this.’ ”

Felicia SonmezFelicia Sonmez has slammed some colleagues in a widening Twitter spat.Twitter / @feliciasonmez

“At this point, she’s trolling but she’s attempting to ride the self-righteous wave of, ‘I’m doing something right’ while taking down everyone,” Haines added.

Joy Behar said she was “of two minds” on the difficulty and ripped Weigel for sharing the joke on his Twitter account in the primary place.

“Possibly she must have handled it internally, but why is he putting out these sexist jokes? It’s like, what are you, 12? Grow up,” Behar said.

“People make mistakes. There’s room for a mistake. That happens,” Haines responded.

Dave WeigelDave Weigel was suspended without pay for sharing a sexist joke.Twitter / @daveweigel

Sunny Hostin identified that Weigel had defended Sonmez after her suspension for the Bryant tweet. The panelist also questioned why Sonmez selected to deal with the situation on Twitter relatively than speak out against sexism in an article for the paper.

“I used to be a bit of surprised that even after the editor-in-chief said let’s handle this internally, she continued arguing on Twitter,” Hostin said. “Twitter will not be the actual world.”

Sonmez slammed one other Washington Post reporter’s description of the newsroom as “collegial” and criticized leadership for not requiring one other reporter, Jose Del Real, to delete tweets by which he questioned her public attack on Weigel.

“These tweets falsely accusing me of ‘clout chasing,’ ‘bullying,’ ‘cruelty,’ and directing an ‘eager mob’ to perform ‘a barrage of online abuse’ are still up…even after I repeatedly raised them to management and noted that I’ve been receiving threats and abuse,” Sonmez tweeted.

One other reporter, Lisa Rein, asked Sonmez to “please stop” her tweetstorm.

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