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There’s a recent deal with tech-based mental health treatments for young people


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For the reason that start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been an increased deal with mental health, especially amongst young people.  1 out of each 6 children age 6 to 17 experience a mental health disorder every yr, and now a recent investment company wants to make use of technology to make them easier to treat.  Telosity by Vinaj Ventures is a fund arrange back in 2019 specifically to speculate in firms that provide tech-based solutions to enhance mental well-being amongst young people, a demographic used to doing just about the whole lot on their phones or computers.  The founder and CEO, Anish Srivastava, says he was inspired to start out the fund when he saw how few mental health resources were available, especially for teenagers and teenagers.  “Accessibility could be very difficult,” based on Srivastava, “and what tech does is it helps democratize access to care.”

And if Telosity is successful, within the near future, kids and teenagers may be meeting their mental health counselors in cyberspace, which the corporate wants to make use of as a jumping off point to satisfy young people within the space where they’re most comfortable.  “We will use that as a spot for resources,”, says Srivastava, “whether its educational varieties of capabilities, self learning mental health, with the ability to provide tele-therapy solutions, et cetera.”

And it isn’t just scheduling apps and telemedicine; recent advancements in virtual reality could make it much easier for doctors to look at – and in addition treat patients – in a web based setting.  Telosity has been seeing a growing market interest in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), and far of it focuses on mental health assessment tools for providers.  All that might make it even easier for teenagers and teenagers to access mental health resources, since they do not even have to depart their homes in lots of cases.  

It is also excellent news for businesses.  Telosity released a report last month showing youth mental health solutions can be a $26,000,000,000 market by 2027, and the corporate calls that an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to beef up their bottom line, while also providing help to thousands and thousands of probably the most vulnerable Americans.  Srivasta says that may very well be a serious selling point for investors within the mental health space.  “There’s a chance to do good while investing and constructing sustainable businesses, and I feel that is the motive force for tech.”

You will discover the complete Telosity report at https://www.telosity.co/mkt-guide

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