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These are the groceries which have avoided inflation


Put down the steak and eggs, and go for the fruits and veggies.

Because of the proper storm of COVID-related supply chain embattlements and the Ukraine war, grocery stores prices are at record highs, with food prices up roughly 10% from a yr ago, in line with food economist and Michigan State associate professor David Ortega.

Some increases are especially hard to swallow: The worth of meat and veal rose 12.3% from May 2021 to May 2022, in line with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while milk is up 15.9%, chicken has flown by 17.4% and eggs are cracking piggy banks with a 32.2% increase.

We’re seeing the “biggest increases we’ve seen in 40 years,”  Ortega said.

However it’s not all dire. Other food items have seen little to no increase in local shops, and a few are even cheaper than ever. Take a look.


Strawberries have someway been low cost at Zingone Brothers on the Upper West Side.Matthew McDermott for NY Post

On the Upper West Side’s Zingone Brothers, strawberries have are available in “abnormally low cost” and at the moment are just $2.99 per pint, down a dollar from $3.99, in line with owner Richie Zingone.

While Zingone can’t put his finger on the foundation cause for his or her cost efficiency, he and Ortega speculate that there’s currently surplus out there.

“We’re in summer season here within the northern hemisphere… we’ve got a number of product entering the market which helps keep prices down and [farms] aren’t having to potentially transport products long distance as they might within the winter months,” Ortega said.


Richie Zingone said that he's been getting cost efficient produce recently. Experts say it's possibly from a product surplus.Richie Zingone said that he’s been getting cost efficient produce recently. Experts say it’s possibly from a product surplus.Matthew McDermott for NY Post

Eat your veggies. Produce like cucumbers, potatoes and onions ($1.29, $.99 and $1.49 per pound, respectively) have also remained inflation-resistant for Zingone. And, nationwide, tomatoes have remained relatively low cost, inflating only by 2% from May 2021 to May 2022, in line with BLS data. Ortega speculates that these deals are due to the identical “in season” dynamic that strawberries are seeing.


Despite breads rising 8.7% nationally over the past yr, per the BLS, Scott Goldshine, general manager of Zabar’s on the Upper West Side, said the fee of his dough isn’t rising. Zabar’s signature sourdough rye bread sells for $6.98, only fluctuating just a few cents in recent months.


Zabar's has been getting bread without any extreme inflation, according to the store's general manager.Zabar’s has been getting bread with none extreme inflation, in line with the shop’s general manager.Noam Galai/Getty Images

Possibly it’s time to modify the source of your caffeine. While Goldshine has seen coffee go up greater than 10% from his supplies — and java is up 15.3% across the nation in line with the BLS — tea isn’t overheating. Store-brand loose teas at Zabar’s start at $7.49 and haven’t seen any significant price increase.

“It’s a more nonperishable product and problems with demand can also be in place. Consumers might not be demanding as much tea up to now,” Ortega said.

Pantry items

Dry good like salad dressing have also seen less effect from inflation.Dry good like salad dressing have also seen less effect from inflation.Matthew McDermott for NY Post

As a complete, dry goods similar to cereal, pasta, crackers, chips, sauces and condiments aren’t seeing huge increases at Zabar’s.

“A few of them are up 10 to twenty cents, some 30, which within the scheme of [overall] increases is nowhere near that much [compared to products like dairy, eggs and meat] ,” Goldshine said.

Ortega said that having an extended shelf life is an enormous reason why dry goods have avoided a price surge.

“They’re capable of absorb a number of the [inflation] shock a little bit bit greater than perishable things,” he said. “They might have been harvested — depending on the product that we’re talking about — prior to those costs going up for farmers and producers.”

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