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Trump Loyalist Kash Patel Touts QAnon Greeting In His ‘King Donald’ Kid’s Book


Devoted Donald Trump ally Kash Patel is pushing his children’s book about “King Donald” by featuring an autograph — and a hand-written QAnon salutation.

This is identical book, “The Plot Against the King” (a fractured fairy tale about Trump), that the previous president has said he wants in “every classroom in America” — presumably without Patel’s QAnon greeting.

“Kash is signing books today, and he’s got a special message in 10 books for some lucky patriots,” Patel gushed Saturday on his “Plot” Truth Social account. (He also “retruthed” the message on his personal account.)

The “special massage,” enthusiastically underlined several times, is: “WWG1WGA!” — which is QAnon-speak for “Where We Go One We Go All.” It looks like Patel has made it out to “Teem America,” somewhat than “Team” America.

The WWG1 QAnon message is behind the stiff-armed salute with index finger pointing skyward that has sparked controversy at Trump rallies since it’s chillingly harking back to the “heil Hitler” salute.

Trump is increasingly espousing the crazed conspiracy plots of QAnon, and recently reposted a picture of himself on Truth Social sporting a “Q” lapel pin and touting “WWG1WGA.”

Donald Trump supporters raise a stiff-armed salute to the previous president at an Ohio rally last week.

Patel’s book features an evil plot involving mean “Hillary Queenton” and her “shifty knights” claiming that “King Donald” was working with the “Russionians” to cheat his way into the Oval Office. The king, nevertheless, comes out on top.

Patel, Trump’s hand-picked, short-time chief of staff for the acting secretary of the Defense Department, is the one other one who has publicly backed the previous president’s claim that he had a “standing order” that any document faraway from the White House would robotically be declassified. Trump baselessly told Sean Hannity in an interview earlier this week that he could even declassify documents merely by “fascinated with it.”

Former White House chief of staff John Kelly has insisted that “nothing approaching an order that silly was ever given.” Ex national security adviser John Bolton said Trump is “almost actually” lying about declassifying records.

Special Master Raymond Dearie — appointed to review boxes of White House documents confiscated by the FBI last month, told Trump’s lawyers to prove sensitive documents were declassified or drop any such claims.

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