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Tucker Carlson Says Race Politics Is ‘A Sin,’ Ignores Racial Conspiracy Theories He’s Pushed


Tucker Carlson condemned the 18-year-old suspect accused of shooting 13 people at a Buffalo, Latest York, food market this weekend. However the Fox News host didn’t take accountability for the white supremacist “great substitute” theory he’s peddled on prime time for years, as a substitute lambasting Democrats and the media for attacking free speech.

Carlson opened his program Monday by addressing the spate of mass shootings across America in recent days, including the Buffalo attack and a shooting at a church in California that left one dead and five others injured. In Buffalo, Payton Gendron is accused of targeting a store in a predominantly Black neighborhood. He’s believed to have posted a 180-page screed filled with racist, white supremacist tropes that referenced extreme versions of substitute theory, a baseless claim that Democrats are plotting to “replace” white Americans with people of color through immigration and other policies.

Almost the entire victims within the shooting, which killed 10 people, were Black.

“The document just isn’t recognizably left-wing or right-wing,” Carlson said Monday. “It’s not likely political in any respect. The document is crazy. It’s the product of a diseased and unorganized mind. … It’s definitely racist, bitterly so … but what he wrote doesn’t add as much as a manifesto. It just isn’t a blueprint for a latest political movement.”

All race politics is bad, regardless of what flavor it’s. It’s poison. It subsumes the person into the group. It dehumanizes people. It elevates appearance over initiative and decency, and all the opposite God-given qualities that make people unique yet morally equal to one another. pic.twitter.com/go7TpLheQY

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) May 17, 2022

Several mass shootings in recent times have been linked to the conspiracy theory, including an attack at a synagogue in 2018, a shooting that killed 23 at a Walmart in 2019 and a rampage in Christchurch, Latest Zealand, that yr that left 51 dead.

Carlson has faced fierce scrutiny in recent days over his own support of the substitute theory, which has grown from a fringe conspiracy theory and is now embraced by far-right commentators and even Republican politicians. A Latest York Times investigation found Carlson had promoted the thought in greater than 400 episodes of his show since he joined Fox News’ prime-time lineup in 2016.

The Fox News host said, nevertheless, that Democrats had used the Buffalo attack to craft “a coordinated campaign guilty those murders on their political opponents.” He didn’t mention substitute theory or his regular assertions that President Joe Biden was supportive of immigration to “dilute the political power of the people.”

As a substitute, Carlson said Democrats who spent the hours after the Buffalo shooting condemning hate speech were using the attack as a “pretext” to roll back the protections of the First Amendment.

“What’s hate speech? Well, it’s speech that our leaders hate,” Carlson said. “So because a mentally in poor health teenager murdered strangers, you can not be allowed to precise your political beliefs out loud. That’s what they’re telling you.”

“Race politics all the time makes us hate one another,” he continued. “Race politics is a sin. Race politics all the time results in violence and death. There is barely one answer to rising racial tension, and that’s to de-escalate. Treat people as human beings created by God relatively than faceless members of interest groups… all people have equal moral value, regardless of what they give the impression of being like. All lives matter, period.”

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