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TV licence fee: Some Britons can get a reduction on their bill – are you eligible? | Personal Finance | Finance


The fee of living crisis is squeezing the funds of hundreds of thousands of individuals within the UK, with many trying to search out discounts and cutbacks wherever they will. The TV licence currently costs Britons £159 every 12 months to have the option to look at live broadcasted television and to access media created by the BBC, equivalent to the content on BBC iPlayer. People over the age of 75, who receive Pension Credit are entitled to a free TV licence.

Pension Credit is awarded to those over the state pension age who’re financially struggling.

In response to official figures, around 850,000 pensioners within the UK are considered entitled to Pension Credit but usually are not claiming it.

People can go to GOV.UK and answer a number of easy inquiries to see in the event that they qualify for extra support.

A free TV Licence is simply certainly one of the additional advantages an individual can claim when receiving Pension Credit.

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Britons over the age of 75 years and live in a qualifying care home or sheltered accommodation are also entitled to a free licence.

The principles state that residents in care homes which have Accommodation for Residential Care (ARC) schemes pay a concessionary rate of £7.50. 

Those over 75 in residences with ARC schemes can get it at no cost. 

Other groups of Britons are capable of apply and get a reduction on their BBC bill with blind or severely sight impaired people being entitled to a 50 percent reduction on their TV licence.


It will reduce the worth of a television licence for a blind person to £79.50 for color and £26.75 for a black and white TV licence.

The NHS has said there are around two million individuals who live with some type of sight loss within the UK.

Out of this set group, around 336,000 persons are diagnosed as either being legally blind or partially sighted.

To get any discount, Britons will need to supply evidence to the TV licensing body to qualify.

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After someone has presented TV Licensing with their evidence, they are going to not need to indicate it again.

Those that are eligible for a free TV Licence but usually are not currently claiming one can call TV Licensing for guidance on how they will apply.

If someone is paying for a TV Licence but believes they will get a reduction, or determine they not need one anymore, then they will apply for a refund.

They’ll do that by visiting the TV Licencing website and request a refund. 

In some cases, people could receive a reduction for the total £159. 

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