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Twitter reactions to the Bengals getting “shafted” by the NFL


The NFL stands by its decision to mess with the rulebook in an effort to do what it thinks is correct by the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and the Baltimore Ravens.

But there was another team they need to’ve considered: the Cincinnati Bengals, who would’ve been on pace to get the #2 seed had they beat the Bills (they were leading 7-3 at home before the sport was stopped as a result of Damar Hamlin’s scary injury). And the Bengals even had an honest shot on the #1 seed.

Now they might lose home advantage in the primary round despite winning the AFC North fair and square.

Pointless to say, the team and front office are outraged.

And fans and Bengals reporters aren’t taking it well either.

The Bengals are rightfully indignant in regards to the league’s proposal. Zac Taylor, Katie Blackburn, and Joe Mixon have all alluded to the identical ideas at this point. We’ll see if any of it matters.

— Jake Liscow (@JakeLiscow) January 6, 2023

If the NFL is gonna make the Bengals play a division champion schedule next season, then they should guarantee them a wild card round home game, which is a reward for winning the division

— Blake Jewell (@BlakeJewellNFL) January 6, 2023

There is totally no way you’ll be able to take a look at what the Bengals received compared to KC and BUF in a game they were winning and say that is fair. At minimum in the event that they play BUF it needs to be at a neutral site. They went from a probability to win the 1 seed to a coin flip against BAL

— Ace Boogie (@NewStripeCity) January 6, 2023

If KC loses vs LV, CIN wins vs BAL, & BUF wins vs NE:

BUF #1
KC #2
CIN #3

Yet in a possible #2 vs #3 divisional, CIN doesn’t get the good thing about a coin flip deciding the venue vs KC, but BAL does get such a profit when conditions are same (uneven games & head-to-head win)??

— Andre Perrotta (@andreperrotta13) January 6, 2023

Mainly, the NFL gave the Bengals and Bills a Loss for Monday Night.

— Goodberry (@JoeGoodberry) January 6, 2023

If the Bengals win the AFC championship game, Roger Goodell will flip a coin to come to a decision whether it’s KC or Buffalo that gets to play the Super Bowl as an alternative

— Mark Chalifoux (@markchalifoux) January 6, 2023

NFL: We wanted “perfect equity”

Bengals: Apply the foundations as written or apply the homefield coin-flips to more games.

NFL: No not equity like that.

— Chris Roling (@Chris_Roling) January 6, 2023

For those who needed any more proof that the @NFL has biases against some markets, you’ve it today.


— (@BengalsCaptain) January 6, 2023

The @NFL did something below board and slimy? Can we all pretend to be shocked? I’d file a suit right away – hold the entire dang season up.

— Bridget J (@bridgetjancarz) January 6, 2023

i’m also pissed off since the fans in cincinnati are so passionate & deserve a house playoff game. not everyone has the additional money laying around to travel, esp in THIS ECONOMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, something tells me ticket sells for a neutral site game could be atrocious

— Commissioner Yas (@commissioneryas) January 6, 2023

The worst part for a lot of is the undeniable fact that the Bengals are being punished for leaving the sphere out of respect for Hamlin, when they might’ve stayed and compelled the Bills, who weren’t prepared to proceed, to forfeit.

For those who feel the Bengals are being punished for refusing to proceed to play after a life threatening injury, that may be by design.

Remember how each teams were expected to play after a 5 minute break? They need to be sure that that’s enforced in the long run.

— Dadio Makdook (@dadiodefacto) January 6, 2023

The NFL has officially declared it bad to be good people and you might be 100% higher off forcing the opposite team to play despite tragedy or forfeit the sport.

— Ryan The Cocaine Hippo (@RoyleRedlegs) January 6, 2023

Even non-Bengals fans and reporters not related to the team found the situation to be ridiculous.

Am I the just one who thinks the Bengals are kinda getting screwed here

— lindsey okay (@lindseyyok) January 6, 2023

Still, it’s vital we don’t lose our cool and do something rash.

everyone knows what day it’s and that i know what you are considering. do *not* storm the league office.

— John Sheeran (@John__Sheeran) January 6, 2023

Whew, okay, that’ll do for now. But you get the purpose. It is a big mess, and Bengals fans are usually not going to simply accept a playoff loss on the road (especially if it happens against the Ravens!) thoroughly.

Unfortunately, none of our complaints will go anywhere. The one thing that’s left to do is beat the Ravens on Sunday in an effort to secure a minimum of one home playoff win.

We preview that game below:

It’s also possible to listen on iTunes or using the player below:

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