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Valorant: Easy methods to change your region on Valorant in 3 steps


Best VPN to alter region on Valorant: At a look



Surfshark VPN

Want to alter your region in Valorant? It’s possible to modify RoR in 3 easy steps (Image: RIOT GAMES • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS) This text accommodates affiliate links, we may receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more

Valorant is some of the popular free-to-play first-person shooters on Windows, with developer Riot Games boasting that roughly 700,000 people play the sport every day. For individuals who do not know Valorant boasts numerous modes, including Unrated, Spike Rush, Premier, Deathmatch, and Escalation – with all game types played online with friends or strangers.

Unfortunately, Valorant fans are unable to pick-and-choose the server location assigned to them during online gameplay. So should you’re seeking to play online with friends who live overseas, need to avoid being matched with players who aren’t at your level, or avoid Diamond III competition …then pairing the best VPN with Valorant will unlock latest flexibility.

Riot Games doesn’t allow players to alter regions manually when playing Valorant, but with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed in your PC, you will have the ability to modify server regions with a single click. Using a VPN with Valorant can produce other advantages too, including masking your IP address from rival players or bypassing restrictions out of your current web provider.

Short on time? In case you want jump back right into a game as soon as possible, that is what it’s good to know: ExpressVPN is one of the best option for Valorant players. This VPN service has server locations across the globe, so you will have the ability to alter Valorant region to almost any country location globally. Not only that, ExpressVPN boasts incredibly fast connection speeds, so you will not suffer any lag or stutter in your gameplay.

And at last, for a limited time, ExpressVPN is gifting 3 months at no cost to latest customers (with 49% off the remaining time in your subscription!)

In case you’d like somewhat more information on the right way to change regions in Valorant, the opposite features that could be unlocked with a VPN, and details on the best VPN deals …we have every little thing it’s good to know below. Scroll down for our complete guide to one of the best VPNs for Valorant, or use the links above to leap to the relevant section.

What’s a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network to make use of its full title, is an application that creates an encrypted tunnel for all your data at any time when you log on.

With out a VPN, at any time when you head online, your personal data is just like the message written on the back of a postcard – visible to anyone within the system because it makes its option to the intended recipient. Nevertheless, activate a VPN and funnel every little thing through its encrypted tunnel, and that message is locked away – like a postcard inside two or three sturdy envelopes.

Yes, this extra layer of protection stops hackers from intercepting your data or tracking your location. It could possibly also prevent advertisers from keeping tabs in your web history to tailor adverts to your tastes. Lastly, it may also block your web service provider (ISP) from keeping data in your online habits, which in some countries, ISPs can then sell to third-parties to generate extra revenue.

how vpn work

VPNs work by shielding all your web traffic in an encrypted tunnel because it travels to the recipient (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS • EXPRESSVPN)

But VPNs can offer greater than supercharged security and protection.

One of the best VPN services will offer a selection of hundreds of server locations scattered across dozens of nations worldwide.

Routing your online traffic via any of those VPN servers will manually change your IP address, making it appear as should you’re positioned in one other city, country, or continent. This means that you can unlock latest TV shows, sports fixtures, streaming services, or movies not available in your country. It could possibly also reveal latest in-game item packs restricted to pick out countries worldwide.

VPNs are like a supercharged version of Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, protecting all your online data from prying eyes 

And when playing Valorant, it enables uses to manually change their region – and use different servers to play against friends and different expert players. VPNs are hugely-popular with gamers, with Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 players also counting on these clever apps to swerve the difficulty SBMM (Skill-Based Match Making) in online multiplayer. Apex Legends and Overwatch 2 players also profit too.

Why Does Valorant Not Let Players Change Region?

Valorant is region-locked. Through the initial account set-up process, Riot Games can have asked you to set a Region of Residence, or RoR, based in your physical location.

There are six possible server locations that could be assigned based on the RoR that you just chosen through the account registration process. These are: Brazil (BR), Europe (EU), Korea (KR), Latin America (LATAM), North America (NA), and Southeast Asia/Asia-Pacific (AP).

Valorant players are told to set their RoR based on their current location. This can determine the servers which you could access when heading online to play Valorant.

If you need to change the RoR associated along with your Valorant account, you will need to alter the location from which you connect with the web. To do that, you possibly can either jet-off on a plane to a latest country …along with your laptop and duplicate of Valorant in tow, or use a VPN to spoof your latest location digitally by switching to one in every of the lots of of server locations available online – changing your IP address and tricking Valorant into considering that you have physically moved to a different region.

valorant region

Valorant is region-locked, so your account is restricted to servers nearby to your physical location (Image: RIOT GAMES )

How To Change Region In Valorant

First up, you will need to put in a VPN. We might recommend ExpressVPN for its fast connection speed, lots of of server locations across the globe, and three free months for all latest customers.

Once you’ve got installed the VPN app on the identical Windows PC hardware you utilize to play Valorant, then you definitely’ll have to load up the VPN app and choose a server location. You’ll have to be certain that the server location that you just pick is positioned inside the Region of Residence (RoR) that you just want your account to be related to. Just as a reminder, the Valorant RoR are – Brazil (BR), Europe (EU), Korea (KR), Latin America (LATAM), North America (NA), and Southeast Asia/Asia-Pacific (AP).

Once you’ve got picked the VPN server, launch your chosen web browser and head to this support page for Valorant players. Click on the Log In button at the underside of the page, and sign-in along with your Riot Games account details. Next, follow the on-screen instructions to verify that your Region of Residence has modified to a latest location.

valorant change your region of residence

You’ll have to search out a selected support page to trigger the change in region for Valorant (Image: RIOT GAMES)

Will I Lose Data When Changing Region of Residence In Valorant?

Yes, unfortunately not every little thing associated along with your account is transferred while you switch Region of Residence in Valorant.

But let’s undergo the excellent news to begin with – your skins, player cards, sprays, and other items in your collection will all transfer over to the brand new RoR with none problem. Characters, mission progress, contracts, and Battle Pass progression may also be transferred to the brand new server location without hassle. Loadouts, MMR, Shard Affinity, and your rank rewards from previous seasons of Valorant shall be ported over to the brand new server location while you switch region too.

So, what shall be lost while you change region?

Unfortunately, your current ranked season data, purchase history and complete match history is not going to be moved over to the brand new region. As such, these shall be reset.

There may be an exception to the rule – anyone transferring between Brazil, North America, or Latin America, will find that each one of thier data – including current season progress, match history, and buy history – shall be transferred over. Nevertheless, that is the one region switch where this happens, so be warned.

Other Perks When Using A VPN With Valorant

While the power to alter region in Valorant is the foremost draw for players looking to take a position in a VPN, these applications will unlock other perks too.

For starters, VPNs can bypass certain restrictions in your Wi-Fi. For instance, content blocks or speed restrictions imposed on certain content (like video games, for instance) is not going to apply when using a VPN since all your traffic is encrypted, leaving the system unable to find out what you are using the bandwidth to do. This may very well be particularly useful when attempting to play using a faculty, University, office or hotel Wi-Fi where a lot of these restrictions and limits are commonplace.

One of the best VPNs may also bypass throttling out of your web service provider (ISP), which is used to limit some bandwidth-intensive tasks, like online gaming, during peak hours.

Finally, some countries block VoIP services, including FaceTime Audio and WhatsApp VoIP calls. This may also impact in-game chat services, just like the voice chat system built into Valorant.

Egypt is one example where this sweeping ban can prevent Valorant players from communicating with friends and rivals during gameplay – creating a huge effect on their ability to play. Changing your Valorant region using a VPN can bypass this block, so that you’re in a position to communicate with teammates and other players as normal.

Best VPNs for Valorant

We have rounded up our top decisions for one of the best VPNs for Valorant players seeking to change region below.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an outstanding VPN service for Valorant – and any online multiplayer title. It earned the total five-stars in our ExpressVPN review, and is ranked in the highest spot as our best VPN for Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 – one other game where a very good connection speed is important for players.

As you’d expect, routing all your data via a VPN server positioned on the opposite side of the planet can have an impact in your speeds, but ExpressVPN does a superb job of mitigating any drag on download or upload speeds. It offers one in every of the fastest connections we have seen from any VPN service, making it the right selection for gaming and streaming.

ExpressVPN charges somewhat greater than the competition for its fast and reliable connections. Nevertheless, for many who value performance above all else – the additional cost is certainly value it.

In case you’re latest to VPNs or somewhat unsure about whether ExpressVPN shall be value the fee, you possibly can benefit from the 30-day no-quibbles money-back guarantee, which acts almost like a free trial for the service. At any point, you possibly can contact the shopper service team – available 24/7 so you will have the ability to succeed in them from any time zone – to request a full refund.

That ought to offer you the arrogance to sign-up for an extended subscription plan, and unlock one of the best discounts and deals on offer. Klarna can also be available at checkout, so you will have the ability to secure the huge discount available on a one-year plan, but still pay for the subscription in small, manageable instalments.

ExpressVPN – In Numbers


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, Web browsers

Total Number Of Servers Worldwide


Customer Support

24/7 Live chat

Trial Period

30-day a refund guarantee / 7-day free trial from iOS and Android app

Maximum Number Of Devices Signed-In At The Same Time


Split-Tunnelling Included?


Password Manager Included?


After all, VPNs are only about changing region in Valorant or bypassing broadband restrictions to unlock faster performance. One in every of the foremost draws of those apps is the extra privacy afforded to customers. As such, it’s reassuring that ExpressVPN never collects identifying details about its customers, including IP address, online activity, traffic destination, and even the length of every session. Actually, ExpressVPN has taken numerous additional steps to prove its dedication to privacy.

The VPN service relies within the British Virgin Islands because there are not any data retention laws there.

Meaning ExpressVPN is not legally obliged to maintain tabs on the browsing habits of its customers, so even when law enforcement request data on you …ExpressVPN has nothing handy over. That is different to firms based within the UK, mainland Europe and United States that are required to maintain some records on customers.

ExpressVPN accepts a big selection of payment options, including Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Paypal and Bitcoin are also offered at checkout.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is one other stellar VPN service, with hundreds of server locations across 59 countries worldwide. Subscriptions to NordVPN are somewhat more cost-effective than ExpressVPN, one in every of the important thing aspects highlighted in our five-star NordVPN review. As such, those on a tighter budget who still have to have the ability to alter Valorant regions is perhaps higher suited with NordVPN.

While ExpressVPN limits its subscribers to five devices with the identical login credentials, that limit is increased to six separate devices when using NordVPN. While this would possibly not make any difference to those that only need to use their latest VPN service for Valorant on their Windows PC hardware, those that need to benefit from the added security perks on other gadgets (iPhone, Android, iPad, Linux, macOS, Fire TV, and more) shall be grateful for the additional capability with NordVPN.

Split-tunnelling is included as standard with NordVPN, so your Region of Residence (RoR) in Valorant stays locked abroad, while other devices or applications in your PC proceed to attach directly (and unprotected) to the web.

NordVPN – In Numbers


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, Web browsers

Total Number Of Servers Worldwide


Customer Support

24/7 Live chat

Trial Period

30-day a refund guarantee

Maximum Number Of Devices Signed-In At The Same Time


Split-Tunnelling Included?


Password Manager Included?

Yes, at an additional cost

NordVPN is not only a Virtual Private Network as your subscription also covers a password manager from the brand. For individuals who do not know, password managers mean you can generate unique passwords for each website or app that you just use. These are all stored inside the password manager, so that you needn’t remember every % symbol or random sequence of numbers.

NordVPN offers numerous possible payment options, including all major bank card providers (Mastercard, VISA, AMEX, and Discovery). PayPal and Amazon Pay are also accepted too.

Unlike a lot of the other providers on this list, you can even pay for NordVPN using Apple Pay and Google Pay. This can mean you can breeze through the checkout process, along with your iPhone or Android filling in all the payment details – keeping your bank card details locked away through the transaction too.

3. Surfshark VPN

Those that want the bottom bills for his or her latest VPN service should look no further than Surfshark VPN. This Virtual Private Network boasts a few of one of the best VPN deals around, usually offering discounts of 80% off its usual monthly cost.

Despite this incredible price tag, Surfshark VPN stays a full-featured VPN service with lots of the same features as ExpressVPN and NordVPN above.

Surfshark VPN has dedicated VPN applications for all your devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux, Fire TV, and macOS, to call just a number of. For those with loads of devices at-home, Surfshark VPN is a superb selection because it allows subscribers to sign-in to a vast variety of devices using the identical login credentials.

That is a sizeable advantage over the 5 and 6 device limit imposed by ExpressVPN and NordVPV, respectively.

Like the opposite VPN services highlighted on this guide, Surfshark offers a password manager for subscribers (at an additional cost) so you possibly can secure all features of your digital life with a single monthly bill. Password managers mean you can create unique alpha-numeric passwords for each online account, with all of those impossible-to-remember passwords stored in an internet repository. All it’s good to do is remember the password to the software vault.

SurfShark VPN – In Numbers


Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Wi-Fi routers, Web browsers

Total Number Of Servers Worldwide


Customer Support

24/7 Live chat

Trial Period

30-day a refund guarantee / 7-day free trial from iOS and Android app

Maximum Number Of Devices Signed-In At The Same Time


Split-Tunnelling Included?


Password Manager Included?


Dark Web Monitoring?

Yes, at an additional cost

For individuals who need to do greater than change region in Valorant, Surfshark and its built-in password manager may very well be a very good option.

Elsewhere, Surfshark boasts a generous 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support, so there is no risk to signing up for an extended subscription (the one option to unlock the largest discounts). The cash-back guarantee acts somewhat like a free trial as you will be secure within the knowledge which you could get a full refund should you do not get together with Surfshark VPN for whatever reason.

Surfshark VPN accepts all bank cards, from VISA to Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. There’s also Paypal, Apple Pay and Google Pay – handy should you don’t need to manually fill-out all your details on the checkout. You can too pay on your VPN subscription with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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