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Wes Bentley Was at Rock Bottom. Now He Is on ‘Yellowstone.’


“You then attempt to go home without carrying all of it into the remainder of your day,” she said.

But that’s not all the time easy, especially after living with a personality for thus long.

“I’ve prided myself for many of my profession on leaving it on the door, or like an athlete would say, leaving it on the sphere,” Bentley said. “But Jamie’s sadness permeates my life, though I’m not sad. I’m very lucky to have a terrific family and be where I’m at in life, but he’s all the time there behind me, clawing at that, especially once I’m shooting.”

He said his wife sometimes has to indicate Jamie’s unwanted presence: “‘You’re letting him come home now,” she tells him. “‘Jamie’s coming home and we don’t want him here.’”

This season, nonetheless, Jamie’s step has been a bit more energetic. The Dutton family’s corporate foes unleashed a barracuda, Sarah Atwood (Dawn Olivieri), to show Jamie against his family’s interests. It wasn’t hard; Jamie’s resentment had develop into a volcano waiting to erupt. But ever since Sarah seduced Jamie, and whispered, Lady Macbeth-like, in his ear, Olivieri has noticed a change within the actor in addition to the character. Bentley had develop into more assertive, she said, less prone to apologize for things that aren’t his fault.

“I actually have watched Wes change as a person, even within the short time period that we’ve worked together,” she said in a recent video call. “It’s really hard as an actor to not absorb the character that you just’re playing. You simply develop into that person. While you’re a extremely good actor, it’s such as you almost can’t even help it. And Wes is a extremely good actor.”

Jamie’s sadness has all the time lived side by side along with his capability for evil. Under duress from Beth, he killed his biological father and, before that, a reporter who got too near the family’s criminal ways. In essentially the most recent episode, he began to think about the logistics of eliminating John and Beth. Through these developments Bentley has conjured a tough mixture of despair and cold, Machiavellian calculation.

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