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What to find out about a spousal individual retirement account


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Certainly one of the bottom rules for individual retirement account contributions is you could have “earned income,” comparable to wages or salary from a job or self-employment earnings.

But there is a special exception, often called a spousal IRA, which means that you can contribute based in your spouse’s earnings in the event you file taxes jointly — and there is still time to avoid wasting for 2022.

“That is probably the thing that surprises people probably the most,” said certified financial planner Malcolm Ethridge, executive vp of CIC Wealth in Rockville, Maryland.

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How a spousal IRA works

A spousal IRA is a separate account, meaning each spouses can contribute to their very own IRAs. But collectively, annual IRA deposits for the couple cannot exceed joint taxable income or two times the yearly limit.

For 2022, the annual IRA contribution limit is $6,000 for 2022 or $7,000 for savers age 50 and older. The limit jumped to $6,500 for 2023, with an additional $1,000 for investors age 50 and up.

Ethridge said many consumers do not realize they’ll still make 2022 IRA contributions until the federal tax filing deadline, which is April 18 for many Americans.

And plenty of couples aren’t aware of spousal IRA contributions, in line with Julie Hall, a CFP at Vision Capital Partners in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For instance, one spouse can have experienced a layoff or can have taken a break from the workforce to take care of family. “They will still proceed to avoid wasting,” she said.

For 2022, couples can still make a combined contribution of as much as $12,000 or $14,000, assuming one spouse had not less than that much taxable income for the yr.

Roth IRA eligibility relies on earnings and your deposits won’t offer a tax break. But you’ll be able to still rating a deduction for pre-tax IRA contributions, assuming you qualify based on income and workplace retirement plan participation.

After all, the choice about whether to make pre-tax or Roth IRA contributions hinges on greater than just the present yr’s tax break, Hall added.

Spousal IRA contributions in retirement

Ethridge said many consumers do not realize spousal IRA contributions are also possible when one spouse retires. 

For instance, it might make sense if one spouse desires to retire early, and the opposite plans to maintain working. In that scenario, the couple could make spousal IRA contributions from the working spouse’s earnings, he said.

Depending on the retired spouse’s age, it might be a possibility to interchange some of what is withdrawn for required minimum distributions. “There are a number of ways to go,” he added.

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