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What You Must Know About Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan


After making monthly payments for a set variety of years — often 20— any remaining balance is forgiven. (The balance is taxable as income, though a temporary tax rule exempts balances forgiven through 2025 from federal income taxes.)

Monthly payments are sometimes calculated as 10 or 15 percent of discretionary income, but one plan is 20 percent. Discretionary income will likely be defined because the amount earned above 150 percent of the poverty level, which is adjusted for household size. PAYE often has the bottom payment, followed by either I.B.R. or REPAYE, depending on the particular circumstances of the borrower, said Mark Kantrowitz, a student aid expert.

There’s a dizzying number of rules, and the present plans aren’t a cure-all. Though some borrowers could also be eligible for a $0 payment, the plans aren’t all the time reasonably priced for everybody. The formulas aren’t adjusted for local cost of living, private student loans or medical bills, amongst other things.

Analyzing the plans will be excruciating, but there are tools and services that can assist. The loan simulator tool at StudentAid.gov will guide you thru the choices and show you how to determine which plan most closely fits your goals — finding the lowest-payment plan, for instance, versus paying loans off as soon as possible.

It’s easy to make use of. Whenever you check in, it should routinely use your loans in its calculations. (You may manually add other federal loans if any are missing.) You can too compare plans side by side — how much they’ll cost over time, each monthly and in total, and if any debt could be forgiven.

Besides your servicer, groups like the Institute of Student Loan Advisors, referred to as TISLA, can provide free guidance on what options may go best for you. For Recent York state residents, EDCAP, a nonprofit focused on student loans, also offers help. And a few employers and other organizations have hired firms like Summer, which helps borrowers sort through the choices.

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