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Which NFL offenses use probably the most unique schemes? | NFL News, Rankings and Statistics


Last week, we looked into one of the best offensive and defensive play-callers within the NFL, and while not everyone agreed with them, the methodology was clear and the names were reasonable.  

Now, there’s a difference between “what” and “how well.”  In this text, I need to make use of a mathematical tool called principal component evaluation to take our extensive play-by-play data and measure similarities between schemes on the offensive side of the ball. The rationale for using this approach is that if you happen to’re not careful, extensive data can turn into misleading data very quickly if its dimension is not reduced.

Here’s one example: play-action rate and eleven personnel usage on neutral downs. While the 2 variables will not be perfectly correlated, there may be a correlation, suggesting that as an alternative of getting two unique pieces of knowledge, we actually have lower than two:

PCA takes the linear relationships between all the variables in a knowledge set pertaining to what offenses are attempting to do, that are how much time the quarterback spends within the pocket, how incessantly they utilize play-action concepts, which routes they throw, which run concepts they employ, which personnel groupings they use, and way more. Once those are squished together, we are able to take a look at the primary two principal components, that are the topic of many tweets in the course of the NFL season:

It’s interesting that, given the richness of the info, two principal components only capture roughly 15% of the variability in the info. Nevertheless, a couple of themes emerge.

Distance from the origin (0,0) — at the very least because it pertains to the primary two principal components — is a measure of the scheme’s uniqueness. There may be actually a more robust solution to measure scheme uniqueness, which is to take each of the principal components, multiply them by the quantity of variance they contribute and add them up. If this is completed, these are the offensive play-callers in 2021 so as of uniqueness, which actually may be shown to contribute to betting prices on a weekly basis:

1Kyle ShanahanSF
2Kliff KingsburyARZ
3Sean McVayLA
4Andy ReidKC
5Arthur SmithATL

For completeness, listed below are the offensive coordinators with the least unique schemes:

28Tim KellyHOU
29Anthony LynnDET
30Kellen MooreDAL
31Joe BradyCAR
32Joe LombardiLAC

The heavy, run-first-but-not-Shanahan (MIN, TEN, NE, CLE)  teams do appear to cluster together. All 4 of those teams used 11 personnel lower than 40% of the time in neutral situations in 2021, but Minnesota was the one one among the bunch that used play-action on lower than 30% of neutral situations.

The Kyle Shanahan-Matt LaFleur-Mike LaFleur offenses are in relative close proximity to one another in two dimensions, but variations within the passing game — with the 49ers throwing much shorter passes on average relative to the teams ran by LaFleurs — made them not clustered together quite as much as one would assume. Moreover, I’ve noted that linebackers don’t flow in any respect against the 49ers, but they flow voraciously against the Green Bay Packers and Latest York Jets within the running game, which could speak to Shanahan’s ability to deceive:  

working through some stuff for a paper without delay

GCOE is “ground covered over expected” – change in Euclidean distance between RB and LB/SS after two seconds, adjusted for situation. Against these offenses in 2021: pic.twitter.com/GzeGE8Smpk

— Eric Eager 📊🏈 (@PFF_Eric) May 11, 2022

The Chiefs are in a league of their very own, as they’re the one team of their cluster after we do cluster evaluation based on these PCAs. That is how a team can host 4 consecutive AFC Championship Games despite the league spending a terrific deal of its time attempting to stop them specifically.

Teams with running quarterbacks — BAL, ARZ, PHI — are in a position to achieve uniquenesses which might be likely less a product of the particular offensive play-caller and more as a consequence of what is offered to them within the run game that isn’t available to other teams.

The 2021 Washington Commanders left rather a lot on the table offensively from an execution standpoint. Only Kansas City faced fewer men within the box on average on neutral downs than Washington, and in consequence, the Commanders blocked up loads of running plays well. Nevertheless, there have been running backs within the NFL who performed higher overall when it comes to yards per carry than Antonio Gibson did on perfectly-blocked plays.  

using team- and play-level data, here is a few expected and actual yards before contact in the course of the 2021 NFL season. I included penalized plays here because expectation was taken pre-play:

Chiefs OL + scheme make a straightforward game for RB
Antonio Gibson woof pic.twitter.com/H8rdC6xZj5

— Eric Eager 📊🏈 (@PFF_Eric) April 21, 2022

Moreover, only Baltimore used more play-action on neutral downs than Washington, but when the Commanders weren’t in a position to use deception, quarterback Taylor Heinicke averaged lower than six yards per pass attempt and threw 14 interceptions to only nine touchdown passes with 21 turnover-worthy plays to only eight big-time throws. His 9.1 yards per attempt on play-action concepts ranked eighth within the NFL.  

Lastly, Washington was a top-five team in motion rate utilized in neutral situations, which is normally a recipe for fulfillment. While Carson Wentz will not be a superstar quarterback, he might actually be above the road of competence that may reach a system run by Scott Turner that’s clearly doing the best things.

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