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Willy Hernangomez Believes Rudy Gobert Is The Best Defender In The NBA: “Very Tough Player.”


Rudy Gobert is the most effective rim protectors within the NBA, deservedly earning the nickname “The Stifle Tower”. His mere presence alone can deter defenders from ending near the rim, and Gobert has notably won the DPOY award 3 times over the course of his profession.

Though many have criticized Rudy Gobert for his playoff failures with the Utah Jazz, he’s clearly the most effective defenders ever. His ability has notably been on display throughout the EuroBasket tournament, because the playstyle is way more conducive to his skill set.

Willy Hernangomez Thinks Rudy Gobert Is The Best Defender In The NBA

Prior to the start of the Spain – France EuroBasket game, Willy Hernangomez praised Rudy Gobert, calling him the “best defender within the NBA”. Despite Rudy Gobert’s best efforts on that end of the ground, France ended up losing to Spain, 76-88. Erikas Polockas of TalkBasket relayed the news.

“He’s a really tough player, the most effective defender within the NBA, but when you desire to be the most effective centers you have got to face them and accept those challenges. Let’s go for it,” 

Obviously, Rudy Gobert is an elite defensive player, and almost every player within the league will acknowledge that. Nevertheless, a good criticism of him is his limited offensive game. Tracy McGrady once roasted him for his poor offensive skills, rhetorically asking what Gobert was “doing within the offseason” to enhance in that department.

That is what I have been wondering. What the f*ck are you doing within the offseason? Straight up… like what’s your workout? Listen. I used to be so mad at Rudy, once they were playing against the Rockets one 12 months, and Chris Paul was guarding him within the post. I used to be mad as s*it. He couldn’t do nothing. Nothing. Bro you 7’2, and some extent guard is guarding you. He had no moves.

Now that the EuroBasket tournament is over, Rudy Gobert will likely be focused on starting the 2022-23 season with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He can be joining a solid young squad that made the playoffs this 12 months, and the team will hope that he could be a difference-maker that may also help them make a deep run within the playoffs.

Hopefully, we see Rudy Gobert have a productive season in a recent environment. He is unquestionably a extremely good player, and maybe his defense may also help the Minnesota Timberwolves reach the subsequent level.

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