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Worst places to retire: Happiness to life expectancy – UK ranked ninth WORST country | Personal Finance | Finance


Britons got a life satisfaction rating of 6.8 out of 10, in research from Higher Advantages Guide comparing 36 countries internationally. Incomes for people aged 65 and over were found to be 81.31 percent of the typical wage, with life expectancy at 81.13.

The UK has a rate of old-age income poverty of 15.15 percent, worse than Poland on 12.79 percent, which was sixth worst overall.

The UK’s best rating in comparison with the remaining of the world was for the happiness rating, at 6.943, which ranked seventeenth best.

Japan had the very best life expectancy, at 84.37, with a greater rating than the UK for elderly incomes in comparison with average wages, at 85.19 percent, even though it also had a better rate of old-age income poverty, at 20 percent.

The UK had an excellent quality of support network rating, at 93 percent, in comparison with the opposite ten worst countries.

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The highest 10 worst countries with their international retirement scores were:

  • Estonia – 2.11
  • South Korea – 2.36
  • Lithuania – 2.46
  • Latvia – 2.75
  • Mexico – 3.39
  • Poland – 3.54
  • Chile – 3.57
  • Japan – 3.93
  • United Kingdom – 4.07
  • Belgium – 4.14


The very best country to retire was Iceland, with considered one of the very best life expectancies, at 82.7, and with elderly incomes slightly below average wages, at 95.04 percent.

In second place was Luxembourg, where elderly incomes are higher than typical wages, at 107.7 percent, with a low pension age of 62, with Norway in third place.

The one other country where pensioners’ incomes are above average wages is Israel, however the rate of old-age income poverty is comparatively high, at 20.55 percent.

The place with the very best happiness rating was Finland, which got here in eighth place overall, while eleventh place Denmark had the bottom rate of old-age income poverty, at three percent.


People in Denmark work for the longest, retiring on the age of 74, followed by Italy and Estonia, which each have a retirement age of 71.

The research also investigated the perfect states in the US to cool down for retirement.

The study concluded that the perfect state to retire is Delaware, with the very best mean retirement income, of $34,771.

This was followed by Washington, with a mean income of $31,605 and Oregon, with mean incomes of $30,446.

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